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What Are Pilot Gloves?

23 December 2015  |  John

Piloting a plane can be an incredibly stressful job, one which requires a high level of focus and control, and never will you need greater control of your hands when you have the safety of others resting in them! Our Pilot Gloves can help you achieve unbeatable levels of comfort and dexterity, giving you high levels of grip and control when you need it most.

Why Do Pilots Need Gloves?

Of all the safety gear, uniforms or equipment you might associate with any type of pilot, gloves might not occur to you as one of the most important. For military pilots especially, however, the perfect pair of gloves is key to a perfect flight. Bare hands on plane controls can soon succumb to issues of sweat and grip. The stress piloting in difficult situations can cause can lead to hands becoming incredibly sweaty, making it difficult to keep hold of the controls. Similarly, in difficult situations plane controls can become stiff and difficult to work with, and you need more grip than your skin can allow.

How Do Pilot Gloves Work?

Pilot gloves work by getting rid of these two problems. They are usually water and sweat resistant, which enables pilots to keep hold of the controls without worrying about their hands slipping off. Additionally, they also provide extra grip, making it easier to move the controls in difficult situations. 

Besides from eliminating the biggest problems pilots face when flying, they also make life much easier for pilots, especially those who fly for long periods. Flying for a long time, with your hands constantly on the controls can make them feel incredibly uncomfortable and even sore.

Pilot gloves help to make your hands more comfortable while you fly; reducing the strain they go under for long periods and making it easier to get on with the important job at hand.

Who Should Wear Pilot Gloves?

Because of the many benefits they bring, pilot gloves should be worn by pilots of all aircraft. For light aircraft pilots, the gloves mean that you can be in constant control of your plane wherever and whenever you fly. 

For helicopter pilots, the extra control the gloves offer is vital for keeping your bird in the air – unlike aeroplanes, helicopters don’t glide, so it’s paramount that their pilots are in control 100% of the time.

For commercial airline pilots, where safety is absolutely paramount, this extra touch of control is just as vital to a successful flight.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some pilot gloves, head on over to Safety Gloves and check out our range of Pilot Gloves.