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What Are Police Gloves?

16 July 2015  |  John

When you face danger on a regular basis, as the police do, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is whether your hands are protected. As the police need to do a variety of things, from catching criminals to helping old ladies cross the street, they need a variety of gloves. At Safety Gloves, we have a large range of Police Gloves including everything from gloves for tactical operations to ceremonial gloves for formal occasions.

What do Police Gloves do?

One of the main things a police glove needs to be is safe. Because a police officer may be called upon to deal with a violent criminal, they need to know that their gloves are going to help prevent a knife going through their hand. 

Many advanced police gloves feature Kevlar, a highly cut and heat resistant material that is used in a wide range of industries and professions. Police gloves with Kevlar are more likely to stop a knife because of the stab-resistant qualities the material has. More everyday police gloves use leather to protect against stabs and punctures; however this is nowhere near as effective as Kevlar – this is why Kevlar gloves are usually only used in more dangerous situations.

While they need to provide protection, police gloves also have to have enough dexterity and grip to let a police officer actually police. It’s quite hard to grab a ruffian by the scruff of the neck and drag them to the station if you can’t actually grab anything. To allow this, many police gloves use leather at the least on the palm and the fingers of the glove to allow for the hand-control that police officers need to police effectively.

Which gloves are good Police Gloves?

One of the best kinds of police gloves for more serious operations are tactical gloves. These gloves are made to meet the needs of both the police and the military, meaning they offer great safety and security.

Needlestick-resistant gloves also make for good police gloves. These gloves are designed to resist being pierced by hypodermic needles, which are a big risk factor for police as they have to deal with drug crime. Gloves like these help ensure the risk of diseases or infections accidentally being passed to police officers, for example strains of hepatitis and even HIV. A good example of needlestick resistant gloves are the HexArmor NSR 4041 Needlesitck Resistant Gloves, having been tested using hypodermic needles to ensure that your hands remain protected.

However, not all police gloves are designed to be used to catch a hardened criminal in a dark alley or handle infected needles. For the bobbies on the beat, a more discreet but functional glove is needed. For these officers, a black leather glove is the gauntlet of choice. This offers decent protection while ensuring the police are approachable by the public.

If you are interested in getting some police gloves, visit Safety Gloves and check out our range of Police Gloves.