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What is Kevlar?

15 July 2015

Kevlar is a plastic strong enough to stop bullets and knives. It’s five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. Chemical resistant and so heat resistant that you can throw it into hot water for 200 days without causing damage. Impressed yet?

Crafting Kevlar

Kevlar’s strength is all about its chemistry. One blade of hay is easily snapped, but you’re less likely to snap through an entire bale, in the same way, Kevlar naturally forms as tiny straight rods which are then bonded for enhanced strength. These are then further woven together to make a super-tough mat of Kevlar, ready to be made into anything from anti-ballistic vests to car breaks and archery strings.

Unsurprisingly, DuPont, the creators of Kevlar, are highly protective of their patented super plastic, which outranks even the strongest carbon fibre in terms of performance. With legal action preventing unreliable copies resulting, you can rest assured that when you buy Kevlar, you’re getting the real deal, with the proper level of quality.

Why Do I Need Kevlar in My Gloves?

Why not? As one of the strongest materials out there with highly protective qualities, a pair of Kevlar gloves is the best thing you can do for your hands. As a relatively thin plastic, Kevlar is comfortable to wear and flexible to your form, you don’t need to feel like you’re wearing a suit of armour to be kept just as safe.

What is good for? Absolutely All Things!

Whether dealing with high heat or high danger, Kevlar’s protection won’t falter. Just some of the applications of Kevlar include:

  • Slicing/cutting operation protection
  • Butcher gloves
  • Slaughterhouse work protection
  • Engineering protection
  • Chemical gloves
  • Car manufacturing protection
  • Glass Handling protection
  • Cable works protection
  • Glazing protection
  • Tactical vests/ Police and Military body armour
  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Vehicle Armour
  • Motorcycle safety wear
  • Airplane components

Here at Safety Gloves we stock a wide range of Kevlar-strengthened gloves for a range of uses and applications.

A full sleeve for whole-arm protection from cuts, scratches or chemical splashes, chose your length of protection and then never worry about it again because Kevlar’s literally got you covered!

Anti-Syringe gloves come complete with a reinforced gauntlet, to keep you completely safe from the unknown depths of waste management and medical industries, resistant to cuts and scratches as well as chemicals, these gloves are an essential part of any safety kit.

Cool as Kevlar

Did we mention Kevlar is also great at withstanding fire and heat? And moisture? And sub-zero temperatures? How about the fact that it’s been used in outer space? Convinced yet? Because We sure are!

Please visit the Safety Gloves website for a full range of Kevlar Gloves.