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Best Builder's Gloves

Tuesday, 14 July 2015  |  Admin

Nothing labours harder than a pair of builder’s hands. We know there are a thousand and one hazards that can bring destruction to construction sites, but here at Safety Gloves, we refuse to let any of them win. With our range of builder’s gloves, including well known brands in a variety of sizes, we’ve quite literally got your hands covered.

Safety Gloves’ Top 5 Best Builder’s Gloves

Traffiglove TG122 Agile Polyurethane Cut Level 1 Handling Gloves

Sure, the name might be a bit of a mouthful, but Traffiglove TG122 Agile Handling Gloves are the gloves you want on your side when work has become a handful. These lightweight gloves are great for those who do not require high resistance to cuts and blades but still want protection for tasks such as electrical work, waste and recycling, and machine operating. Made from a seamless knit, these gloves are some of our best sellers thanks to their outstanding dexterity, providing protection without hindering your work.

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Polyco Matrix Red PU Work Gloves

As the UK market leader in protective gloves, it’s fair to say that your hands are in good hands when it comes to Polyco’s products. The Matrix Red PU Work Gloves are seamless knitted gloves that give hands good abrasion and tear resistance thanks to a polyurethane palm coating, all without compromising the dexterity you need to keep up your hard work. Designed to tightly adhere your hands, these gloves offer great protection but still allow for full functionality without slipping down or suffering from any of the common problems of a poor fit. They are the perfect hand protection solution for component handling, plumbing, electronics and general assembly.  

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Dirty Rigger Protector Full Finger Rigger Gloves

Hand protection just got serious with Dirty Rigger Protector Full Finger Rigger Gloves. These gloves are the full power package when it comes to hand protection with a breathable back, sweat wipe, knuckle pad, double stitched seams, genuine leather on key areas most subject to wear-and-tear and even a writable ID tag, what more could you possibly want from your hard-working gloves? A double layer hide protects your hands and a light fabric back helps keep hands cool, all while real leather naturally defends against friction from ropes and cables. Fitting snug to the hand,  and with an articulated layer along the palm for freedom of movement, you can consider these gloves to be a second, better skin.

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Polyco Polyflex Ultra Safety Gloves

Wet, dry, oily – whatever your conditions, Polyco Polyflex Ultra Gloves will be sure to keep your hands in their best condition. Made from a seamless nylon liner, a blend of polyurethane and nitrile creates a foam lining along the palm, providing not only a protective coat and a fully breathable layer but a level of handling that make these gloves the best combination of comfort and performance. Perfect for construction, engineering and oil operations, Polyco are proud to consider these Ultra safety gloves yet another benchmark in their history of hand safety.

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HexArmor EXT 4012 Extrication Gloves

Sometimes when you are on a building site, you need a pair of gloves that is going to provide you with next-level protection. Designed for use by firefighters when they are rescuing people that are trapped by rubble, HexArmor EXT 4012 Extrication Gloves give you peace of mind that you're getting the optimal level of protection. Providing level 5 protection against cuts as well as dissipating any impact, these gloves are seriously tough and a single pair can be used to protect your hands year after year. As an added bonus, the high visibility design of the gloves offers extra protection for people that are working in low-light situations!

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While these are some of our most popular building gloves, we've got an almost endless range of gloves available. Please visit Safety Gloves to see our full range of Builder's Gloves.

Polyco Matrix Red PU Work Gloves MRP

  • Price is per pair (Special offer on selected sizes)
  • Suitable for plumbing, assembly, electronics and more
  • Protects against dirt, scratches and abrasions
  • High dexterity and high grip
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Dirty Rigger Leather Grip Framer Rigger Gloves DTY-LFRM

  • Price is per pair
  • Thumb, index & middle finger exposed
  • Ideal for demanding but intricate jobs
  • Double layer leather on key wear areas
In stock now  In stock now

Polyco Polyflex Ultra Safety Gloves

  • Price is per pair
  • One of the most versatile general work gloves on the market
  • High level of abrasion and tear resistance
  • Ideal for construction, offshore oil, maintenance and more
  • Offers protection against abrasions, scratches and dirt
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HexArmor EXT 4012 Extrication Gloves

  • Price is per pair
  • Extrication gloves with resistance against cuts, abrasion, impact and puncture
  • PVC synthetic leather palm allows for grip in clean and oily environments
  • Impact dissipation system protects the backs of your hands
In stock now  In stock now