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Best Heat-Resistant Gloves for Hair 2024

2 January 2024

Curling your hair either at home or at work in a hairdressers does pose a general risk to your hands, mainly from the curling tongs which can burn at between 200 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. If you cut hair for a living, the last thing you want is burnt fingers, which could leave you out of work for a few weeks.

Thankfully, there is help at hand. Using a pair of Heat-Resistant Gloves is a great way to protect your fingers from the iron, and you don't have to get a bulky pair either, there are plenty of dexterous gloves that are ideal for more intricate jobs. We've created this handy guide to help you find the Best Heat-Resistant Gloves for Hair.

Find the Best Heat-Resistant Gloves for Hair

Below, we've outlined the different gloves that you'll find in the below guide. If you see the kind of gloves that you would like, click on the below heading to head on down to the gloves of your choice. If not, scroll down and view all of the gloves in full:

Best All-Round Heat-Resistant Gloves for Hair

Delta Plus Aton VV731 Knitted Polycotton Cut Resistant Gloves

Delta Plus Aton VV731 Knitted Polycotton Cut Resistant GloveWhy We Love Them...

 High dexterity is ideal for handling tongs and irons
 Offer resistance against temperatures of 250°C
 Non slip texture provides outstanding grip for extra safety
 Can be hand washed for use on customers

Perfect For...

 Ideal for use in professional salons and hairdressers

Editor's Verdict: The Delta Plus Aton VV731 Cut Resistant Gloves are high heat resistant gloves that are suitable for washing, making them well suited to professional environments at salons and hairdressers. They offer the dexterity needed for handling tongs and irons, while the impressive grip improves safety during use.

Best Low Cost Heat-Resistant Gloves for Hair

Ejendals Tegera 318 Dotted Palm Assembly Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 318 Dotted Palm Assembly GlovesWhy We Love Them...

 Low cost design is ideal for use at home
 Designed to protect against temperatures of 100°C
 Feature a PVC dot palm for handling irons and curlers
 Good dexterity improves your safety during use

Perfect For...

 Use in a home environment

Editor's Verdict: The lower cost design of the Ejendals Tegera 318 Assembly Gloves makes them well suited to use at home, as the grippy design and heat-resistant palms improves safety when curling your own hair. The gloves are super thin, meaning that you have full control of the iron.

Best High Heat-Resistant Gloves for Hair

Polyco Hot Glove Heat Resistant Gloves 90

Polyco Hot Glove Heat Resistant GlovesWhy We Love Them...

 Protect against temperatures of up to 250°C
 Also suitable for use as oven gloves and feature a food-safe design
 PVC dot palms offer outstanding grip for excellent comfort
 Ambidextrous for an extra safety measure when curling hard to reach places

Perfect For...

 Use at home and in a professional environment where extra safety is required

Editor's Verdict: The Polyco Hot Glove Heat-Resistant Gloves are recommended for both home and professional use, as their ambidextrous design provides extra safety when curling those hard to reach areas. The 250°C heat-resistant gives you that extra peace of mind.

Best Heat-Resistant Sleeves for Hair

Polyco Touchstone 100% Kevlar Knitted Sleeves

Polyco Touchstone 100% Kevlar Knitted SleevesWhy We Love Them...

 Designed to protect your arms while curling hair
 Features a thumb slot for fitting comfortably around your arm
 Will protect against temperatures of around 100°C
 Great for use in conjunction with a pair of heat-resistant gloves

Perfect For...

 Protecting the arm as well as the hands while curling hair

Editor's Verdict: The Polyco Touchstone Kevlar Knitted Sleeves are a popular choice among professional hair stylists, as the arm length design protects not just the hands, but the arms too. These sleeves are ideally used with a pair of heat-resistant gloves.

View Our Full Heat-Resistant Gloves

We hope that you have found the gloves for you with this guide. If you are still struggling, we would recommend that you take a look at our Heat Resistant category to view out full range.

If you have anything else to add or any questions, please leave a comment below and one of our customer care team will get back to you as soon as possible.