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What Are Engineering Gloves?

20 July 2015

Another day, another dollar, and if you’re an Engineer, another day of sticking your hands into hazards most people would try hard to avoid. That’s why we’ve got a dedicated collection of Engineering Gloves just waiting for you to choose over at Safety Gloves.

Whether you’re looking for disposable gloves at great value or gloves made of tougher stuff, Safety Gloves have got the right PPE for you. From latex to leather to super-hardy Kevlar, we can match you up to your perfect pair.

All our handling gloves can proudly say they are EN 388 accredited, meaning European Safety Standards have declared them as safe for your hands and able to protect them from mechanical risks and hazards. Similarly, our chemical resistant gloves have also been declared fit for purpose after withstanding rigorous EN 374-3 tests

Engineering Your Safety

Our safety gloves can be used in a variety of applications and all have been made with your absolute protection in mind, be it from unsanitary environments or far more serious threats.

Our Bodyguard Gloves are all credited as being highly resistant to puncturing so you’ll need never worry about finding an unexpected hole in your rubber glove. Fully disposable and available in convenient quantities, in Latex of Nitrile, powdered or not, these gloves will help keep your hands clean and protected while offering great grip and dexterity.

Kevlar, if you have not yet read our blog all about this super fabric, you should, because we’re big fans of this miracle material. Our Kevlar gloves are equally as awesome - heat, chemicals abrasion, cuts, tears, bullets, knives, nothing’s getting through this fantastic plastic, Kevlar on your hands is a load off your mind.

Traffiglove rules the roost over at our Engineering section, as well it should, because they’re the leading name when it comes to your hand safety. Long cuffs, rolled cuffs, fingerless, full coverage, metal work, glass work, in the wet or in the dry, whatever your needs, we guarantee Traffiglove have an engineering glove for that.

Polyco have long proven themselves to be the best provider of PPE in the UK, with a vast knowledge of the needs and demands of working hands, Polyco are the go-to brand for gloves that won’t let you down. Our engineering gloves feature a range of models from Polyco, from super resistant handling gloves to great grip work gloves.

HexArmor are the providers of some of our most hardcore gloves. If you’re going to go hand-to-hand with big machinery, you’ll what to make sure you have big protection. With designs that include a shock-absorbing exoskeleton shell, Superfabric gloves with super cut resistance and liquid resistant impact protection, all with the unmissable visibility of their striking colour palette, HexArmor really do arm your hands.

Not handling the serious machinery? Then try our Work Gloves, designed to protect while giving optimum grip. Small parts and tricky jobs won’t have to be held back by a thick protecting glove, available in a range of sizes and designed for close, comfortable, secure fit, you’re gloves won’t ever slow you down.

Our PVC Gauntlets may look like glorified Marigolds, but they’re much, much more. Super strong and super chemical resistant, these gloves give grip and dexterity when you are also in need of complete safety coverage. Available in long, medium and small cuff sizes, the choice of supreme protection is yours.

Please visit Safety Gloves for our range of Engineering Gloves.

MaxiDry 3/4 Coated Oil-Resistant Gloves 56-425

MaxiDry 3/4 Coated Oil-Resistant Gloves 56-425

  • Oil-resistant and water-resistant handling gloves
  • Best suited to damp and oily working conditions
  • Strong abrasion resistance protects hands and ensures longevity
  • Price is per pair of gloves
In stock now  In stock now
Polyco Matrix B Grip MBG Wet-Grip Handling Gloves

Polyco Matrix B Grip MBG Wet-Grip Handling Gloves

  • Pair of general handling gloves
  • Ideal for low-risk tasks in domestic, utilities, and waste management fields
  • Latex coating enables superb grip on wet and dry materials
  • Tear-resistant design ensures durability and glove longevity
In stock now  In stock now