What are Household Cleaning Gloves?

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Household cleaning gloves, also known as domestic cleaning gloves and rubber gloves (even if they aren’t made from rubber), are exactly what they sound like; gloves to wear while cleaning your house. They can come in a variety of materials and, despite the common image of bright yellow marigolds, they can also come in a variety of colours too.

Why Should I Wear Household Cleaning Gloves?

Many people don’t wear protective gloves while they clean their house. For simple things like vacuum cleaning or sweeping this is perfectly fine. However, many household cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that can damage your skin, causing irritation and redness.

Bleach, for example, contains corrosive chemicals — hence the big “Corrosive” logo on the back. It can bore a hole through stainless steel; imagine what it could do to your hands. Because of this, it is paramount that you protect your hands from these chemicals.

In addition, extensive cleaning can cause calluses to form on your hand; areas of hard and rough skin that can be very uncomfortable. By wearing gloves you can help reduce the chance of calluses developing keeping your hands soft and comfortable to the touch.

By wearing household cleaning gloves while doing the washing up, you can not only protect your hands against hot water but also use hotter water than you would be able to otherwise. This ensures your dishes are cleaner because higher temperatures help kill more bacteria.

What Kinds of Household Cleaning Gloves Are There?

Because of the long-term needs of them, most household cleaning gloves are reusable. While some disposable latex gloves can be used as disposable cleaning gloves, they do not offer the protection that comes from the more hardwearing reusable cleaning gloves.

While disposable cleaning gloves are less common, that doesn’t mean that latex is less common as a material. Many reusable cleaning gloves are made from latex; it is a very tough material which offers a good level of chemical resistance.

PVC is also a common material for household cleaning gloves. It is often used by people who are allergic to latex because of its purely synthetic nature. 

And, of course, many household cleaning gloves are made of rubber. This is where the name ‘rubber gloves’ comes from, and offer a great level of dexterity while still giving good protection against household cleaning chemicals.

Many household cleaning gloves also come in several colours to ensure that no cross-contamination happens – for example, gloves which are used for dealing with bleach should not be used to wash dishes, for obvious reasons.

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