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What are Industrial Gloves?

15 July 2015

Industrial gloves and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) are Safety Gloves’ speciality. Whatever the job, task or activity at hand, we’re sure we have the perfect work glove for you.

Any Old Glove Won’t Do

The clue is in the name when we say that your safety is first and foremost when it comes to our gloves. While it’s tempting to settle for a pair of marigold gloves from the local supermarket when you’re preparing to start getting tough on your hands, we don’t think you should compromise on your safety, not when a simple visit to our site can precisely match a glove to your needs and deliver them straight to your door. Our store carries gloves for just about every industry you can imagine and features hand protection for everyday tasks as well as the dangerous industrial use. While we’re proud of our range, the seemingly endless glove possibilities may seem a little daunting, so we’re here to help introduce you to some of our best glove styles and types.

Industrial Gloves for Industrious Hands

The Rigger Glove: An ever-popular style both for industry and personal use. A durable, multi-purpose glove, they are designed to be one-size-fits-all and, as the name suggests, are hardy enough to withstand rigging and construction just as they are comfortable enough to be worn to weed out the garden. Available in ultra-tough or fashionably functional forms, Rigger Gloves are affordable, adaptable and a staple in any household, making them some of our most sought-after gloves.

The Handling Glove: Suitable for people who are constantly handling course items, handling gloves combine protection and comfort to help you stay safe as you work. Able to stand up to wet and oily conditions with enhanced grip, handling gloves can handle whatever dirty job you throw at them, including automotive work, engineering and machine and domestic appliance maintenance.

The Bodyguard or Medical Glove: No, these aren’t gloves for all your bodyguards, these are the highly flexible, easily disposable gloves you might also think of as ‘doctor’s gloves.’ Available in latex or in allergy-friendly materials, powdered or unpowdered, all our bodyguard gloves comply with European Standards and come in convenient quantities to make sure you’ll always have a glove on hand.

The Anti-Slash Glove: Like a knife-proof vest, but for your hands, because why shouldn’t your hands be given the same level of protection? Our anti-slash gloves include styles for security staff, police, glassworkers and waste disposal workers who need protection from syringes. Available in under-stated designs, and with many featuring the high quality protection of Kevlar, your safety can quite literally fit like a glove.

The Fingerless Glove: Who said gloves had to have fingers? We stock plenty of fingerless gloves to let you maintain the natural dexterity of your fingertips without losing the protection of your hands.  Great for general handling, small part assembly and electronics, these fingerless gloves keep you and your work protected without hindering either.

The Heat Resistant Glove: For bakery or heat works, you’ll want a glove that makes sure you fingers don’t get fried. From tough oven mitts to heat resistant work gloves, you can keep cool about the safety of your hands when things heat up.

The Serious Defence Glove: Thing’s just got serious. With our range of gloves specially designed to protect the hand from shock, cuts and vibration, if you’re looking for protection for more than just scratches and stains, we’ve definitely got a glove for you. With the thermal glove keeping the elements locked out, and even chainmail gloves to make sure nothing harms your hands, this is a job even the hardiest yellow rubber gloves couldn’t do.

We’ve Got A Glove For That

Our team will be happy to help you find the perfect glove for your needs, and with every possible task catered for, be it heavy-duty cleaning or snake handling, we’re certain our website has your perfect PPE fit, just waiting to be found. 

For more information and products, please visit the Safety Gloves range of Industrial Gloves.

Briers Reinforced Leather-Knuckle Rigging and Gardening Gloves

Briers Reinforced Leather-Knuckle Rigging and Gardening Gloves

  • Pair of reinforced gardening and rigger gloves
  • Suitable for cultivating, weeding, sowing, and similar tasks
  • Thumb, knuckle and palm reinforcement ensures optimal safety
  • Safety cuff protects against dirt and debris getting inside the glove
In stock now  In stock now
MaxiTherm 3/4 Coated Thermal Gloves 30-202

MaxiTherm 3/4 Coated Thermal Gloves 30-202

  • Thermal gloves for winter, cold store and freezer work
  • Features a 3/4 coating for light water and oil resistance
  • Ideal for extreme conditions with heat resistance
  • Price is per pair of gloves
In stock now  In stock now
White Mamba Disposable Latex Gloves BX-WMG

White Mamba Disposable Latex Gloves BX-WMG

  • Price is per box of 100 gloves
  • Performs against chemicals which nitrile gloves may fail to combat
  • Ambidextrous & EZ-Glide donning system
  • One of the toughest disposables on the market; over 8.0 mils in thickness
In stock now  In stock now