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Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Sam

You might think the primary factor of a safety glove's protection is the mechanical strength of their material. In reality, factors like grip and dexterity are strongly linked to the mitigation of workplace accidents and injuries, and can be just as important. A good pair of grip gloves will not only increase productivity, but will circumvent accidental slippage and increase worker confidence.

Choose the Right Pair For You

Here at, we pride ourselves on our careful selection of only the most trusted brands and glove manufacturers. In this article, we're going to examine the best grip gloves for different industrial applications. The choice of each product is based on a combination of expert opinion and customer feedback.

If you're looking for something in particular, here's what we're going to cover:

Best General Grip Gloves

Portwest Black PU Palm Gloves A120BK

Portwest Black PU Palm Gloves A120BK

The Pros...

 Highly comfortable 13 gauge Pylon liner
 Nice and generous layer of polyethylene across palms for grip
 Low price makes these gloves a perfect buy for larger organisations

The Cons...

 Due to their breathability, the A120BK aren't as strong on the backside
 Lightweight design means these gloves are less suited to more heavy tasks (See Our Solution)

Good For...

 General everyday use, including shopping and handling
 Housework involving DIY, woodwork and tools
 Handling moderately oil-slick tools and materials


Editor's Review: We love the Portwest Black PU Palm Gloves A120BK - they're a simple, lightweight and effective solution for any old Joe or Joanne looking to get a grip on their day-to-day activities. The Pylon (Polyester and nylon) liner makes for an especially comfy fit.

EN Standards: EN 388

Best Thermal Grip Gloves

Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves

Skytec Argon Work Gloves

The Pros...

 Keeps your hands toasty in temperatures as low as -50°C
 Top half of the glove is water-resistant, keeping those digits nice and dry
 Durable HPT foam dip enhances grip - even in freezing conditions!

The Cons...

 Don't expect complete water-resistance - full submersion will get you wet (See Our Solution)
 Despite their hard-wearing build, these gloves aren't for handling thorns and bramble

Good For...

 Any kind of handling work involving freezers and cold storage
 All weather work involving construction and scaffolding
 Hands-on tasks like window cleaning, snow shoveling, gardening


Editor's Review: We sell a lot of thermal gloves but the Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves really take the biscuit as our most innovative. Water-resistant, insulation against freezing temperatures and a good solid grip – what more could you want on a cold winter's day? Our customers use the gloves for tasks like de-icing the car, and they definitely made a grim job easier.

EN Standards: EN 388, EN 511

Best Waterproof Grip Gloves

Portwest Liquid Pro Latex Foam Gloves AP80

Portwest Liquid Pro Foam Gloves Ap80

The Pros...

 Seamless latex design allows for a whopping 100% waterproof exterior
 Super close-fit makes the AP80 excellent for tactile operations
 Foam palms stay grippy no matter how wet or dry you are 

The Cons...

 Though 100% waterproof,  the AP80 aren't especially cold-proof (See Our Solution)
 We advise against handling especially sharp tools and objects with these

Good For...

 General outdoor work, like bricklaying and construction
 Maintenance work in swimming pools and leisure centres
✔ Roadworks and emergency repair teams working in unpredictable weather


Editor's Review: When you're soaked through and your tools are slipping from your hands, these are the gloves you want by your side. The Portwest Liquid Pro Gloves AP80 offer a great grip on wet tools and components, and the latex material feels nice and stretchy around the fingers. If your workplace is frequently wet (think maintenance in leisure centres and spas), the AP80 are the optimal choice.

EN Standards: EN 388, EN 511

Best Dot Grip Gloves

MCR Safety GP1004PV PVC Dotted Cotton Light Handling Gloves

MCR Safety GP1004PV PVC Dotted Cotton Gloves

The Pros...

 PVC dotted palms let you carry with confidence, putting an end to awkward spills
 Lightweight and breathable design makes these gloves very comfortable to wear
 Soft cotton material allow for delicate handling of more sensitive components

The Cons...

 Great for delicate handling, less so for work under-the-hood (See Our Solution)
 Don't perform as well in wet work environments (See Our Solution)

Good For...

 Manual assembly work in factories and workshops
 Inspecting jewels, components and sensitive materials
 Carrying large quantities of objects over longer distances


Editor's Review: The MCR Safety GP1004PV are made from comfortable cotton and use PVC-dotted palms to reduce hand fatigue, making them great for grip during tricky tasks. Tactile operations requiring greater concentration seem all the easier, and their knitwrist cuffs prevent shaking hands.

EN Standards: EN 388

Best Builders Grip Gloves  

MaxiFlex Ultimate Palm Coated Handling Gloves 42-874

Maxiflex Ultimate Palm-Coasted Handling Gloves

The Pros...

 Strong mechanical protection, perfect for hard work in all conditions
 Release a natural cooling agent to keep hands cool and sweat-free 
 Coarse nitrile-coated palms repel oil and water

The Cons...

 Offer a snug fit, but unsuited to particularly harsh colder weather (See Our Solution)
 Performance decreases over washes - we think three washes are enough to warrant a new pair

Good For...

 Building and concentration
 Handling rough and coarse materials 
 Precision style work in jobs like masonry or plastering


Editor's Review: These gloves are definitely my number one recommendation for precision style tasks in workshops, masonry and industrial sites. Their rough nitrile grip is really next-to-none for this kind of work, and their mechanical protection is equally as sound. I think what's most impressive about the MCR 42-874 their dynamic AD-APT tech, which releases cooling agents based on increases in temperature.

EN Standards: EN 388

Best Oil Grip gloves 

Nitrilon Nitrile Coated Gloves NCP

Nitrilon Nitrile-Coated Gloves NCP

The Pros...

 Great price for a pair of high-quality oil grip gloves
 Resistance to oils, fats and grease is far superior to other nitrile gloves on the market
 The gloves are incredibly well designed and the colour palette is gorgeous

The Cons...

 Not appropriate for tasks requiring high levels of protection (See Our Solution)
 Though useful in oily, wet workplaces, these gloves are less suited to dry work (See Our Solution)

Good For...

 Manual assembly work in factories and workshops
 Handling small, oily components and tools
 Light fabrication work


Editor's Review: I think the Nitrilon Nitrile Coated Gloves are one of our best looking pairs of grip gloves. Feel free to disagree, but you'll find it hard to deny their incredible oil-resistant properties and absolute bargain price. If you work in a factory or workshop and need a bulk-load of quality handling gloves, you've found the right pair.

EN Standards: EN 388

Looking for A Way to Safely Store Your Gloves?

Try our selection of Ergodyne Squids Grabber Clips. They allow you to store your gloves on-the-go and have an excellent breaking strength of 11.8kg.

Our Conclusion

A good pair of grip gloves can be all that stands between excellence and disaster at work, and in the homestead. We hope that our blog on the Best Grip Gloves has been useful and informative, and that you've found the right pair for the job. If you can't decide on the right pair, I'd recommend going for the Portwest Black PU Palm Gloves A120BK. They're great for just about any general handling task, and highly durable.

If you're looking for more gloves, why not check out our AutomotiveAssembly and Gardening categories?

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