Best Freezer Gloves

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Freezer gloves are gloves designed to handle cold items, usually in a freezer. These are engineered to protect the user from the dangerous effects of handling very cold items and exposing hands to very cold environments. 

With such a huge range of freezer gloves available, each claiming to be the best gloves for cold temperatures, it can be extremely confusing when it comes to choosing which gloves actually best suit your purposes. Never fear, here at Safety Gloves we have compiled the top 5 best freezer gloves, helping you with a number of conditions and situations.

Supertouch Topaz Ice Plus

The Supertouch Topaz Ice Plus is a great multipurpose glove — Alongside offering good day-to-day protection against cold, it has good levels of cut and tear resistance. This makes it perfect for working outside in the winter, keeping your hands protected against physical threats as well as cold. For even better performance, the gloves offer good grip and dexterity thanks to the textured latex palm coating that makes handling and general work easier.

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Polyco Freezemaster II Cool Handling Gloves

The Polyco Freezemaster II Cool Handling Gloves are designed to offer protection and insulation in very cold environments. The waterproof lining means your hands will stay warm even when dealing with wet items, and the fleece lining gives an extra level of comfort. These gloves are great for indoor use, such as in cold warehouses and large freezers.

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Supertouch Glacier Insulated Rigger Gloves

The Supertouch Glacier Insulated Rigger Gloves are also great for warehouse work, but have the extra protection and reinforcement which makes them well suited to outside work in colder climes, such as ship work or shovelling snow. Like the Polyco Freezemaster II Cool Handling Gloves, these gloves also feature a fleece lining for comfort and added insulation. Bringing together the durable quality of rigger gloves with the protection of freezer gloves, these are products that you can't afford to miss out on.

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Dirty Rigger Sub Zero XC Rigger Gloves

Dirty Rigger designs its gloves with feedback from their customers, meaning that they are continuously tweaking their products to get the very best quality. Dirt Rigger Sub Zero Rigger Gloves feature a Hexo-Grip surface on the palm to improve grip, making them ideal for handling cold items or items in a cold environment. The breathable lining ensures that your hands stay comfortable and don’t over-sweat while in the glove. These features make the Dirty Rigger Sub Zero XC Rigger Gloves perfect for rigging in cold climates.

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Polyco Freezemaster Cryo Insulated Gauntlet

The Polyco Freezemaster Cryo Insulated Gauntlet offers the highest level of cold protection of our top 5. Designed exclusively for laboratory work, these make handing bottles of extremely cold chemicals simple and easy. They can also be used in fertility treatment clinics to handle frozen samples. While the thickness of their thermal layer does reduce the dexterity of the gloves, Polyco makes sure that each of them is still up for the job at hand. This is the premium glove to use when you are going to be coming into contact with exceptionally cold temperatures.

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If you would like to see a wider variety of freezer gloves, visit Safety Gloves and check out our range of Freezer Gloves.

Dirty Rigger Sub Zero XC Rigger Gloves DTY-SUBZERO

  • Price is per pair
  • Protects in cold sub zero conditions
  • Genuine Thinsulate thermal lining
  • Heavy duty finger & knuckle protection to resist impact
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Polyco Freezemaster II Cool Handling Gloves FM2

  • Price is per pair of gloves (Special offer on selected sizes)
  • Fleecy lining and waterproof membrane for insulation
  • Elasticated wrist for a secure fit
  • Available with an extra long cuff
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Supertouch Glacier Insulated Rigger Gloves 21943

  • Price is per pair
  • Ideal for construction, maintenance and more
  • Heavy duty split leather
  • Rubberised safety cuff
  • Fleece palm liner
In stock now  In stock now

Supertouch Topaz Ice Plus Gloves 6106

  • Price is per pair
  • Textured latex palm coating for added grip
  • Helps to keep  hands warm in cold environments
  • Applications including baggage handling and cold storage 
In stock now  In stock now