MaxiFlex: Diverse Gloves for All Needs

17 July 2015  |  John

MaxiFlex gloves are designed with dexterity in mind, allowing you to perform your job to your optimal capacity without having to compromise on protection. Each MaxiFlex glove is designed to offer the most dexterity you can get while still delivering the durability and everything else you need in a glove.

Because MaxiFlex gloves are made specifically for dexterity, they are perfect for precision engineering jobs and there is a variety of MaxiFlex gloves made to suit specific engineering needs.


These gloves are all specially made to perform well in dry environments, and come in versions for comfort, lightness, durability, cut resistance. By specialising in these areas, MaxiFlex can deliver a targeted approach to safety and protection.

To ensure the best possible working conditions in dry environments, MaxiFlex gloves are made from the start to be as breathable as possible, which reduces the risk of sweat from your palms (often a common problem with wearing gloves) interfering with what you’re working on.

To deliver this breathability, MaxiFlex utilises AirTech Technology which delivers a 360° breathability across the gloves by utilising a micro-foam nitrile layer as a coating.


MaxiCut gloves are made to deliver as much cut protection as possible. This comes with several levels of cut resistance to choose from, depending on your needs. By delivering high levels of cut resistance on a high-dexterity glove, the MaxiCut gloves are ideal for sheet metal work and other work involving sharp edges.

This cut protection is delivered by utilising CutTech Technology, which utilises innovative fibres made from carefully chosen materials, and also features reinforcement to the inherently weak area between the thumb and forefinger. MaxiCut gloves come in different varieties for dry or wet work, allowing you to find a pair of gloves that are perfectly suited to your environment.


MaxiDry gloves are engineered to work in wet or oily environments — this is done in two ways.

These gloves utilise LiquiTech and GripTech Technology. LiquiTech repels oils and liquids from the gloves, preventing liquids from reducing the grip of the glove and helps keep the glove cleaner for longer.

GripTech Technology uses a micro-cup, non-slip grip to increase grip and reduce the effects of oils and liquids on grip and control. This prevents tools and equipment from slipping out of your hand and helps you keep control over your work. To ensure that the non-slip grip doesn’t impede the flexibility of the glove, the surface is applied to the palm; only where it’s most needed.

By making it easier to work in wet or oily environments, MaxiDry gloves are perfect for working on cars, trains and especially for outdoor work in dirty or greasy environments.


These gloves are designed to protect hands from the effects of contact with hazardous chemicals. It does this by utilising the same technology as the MaxiDry gloves, stopping liquids from staying on the gloves. By doing this, it can help prevent dangerous chemicals from getting through the gloves and causing harm to your skin.

If you are interested in getting your hands in any of the MaxiFlex gloves, visit Safety Gloves and check out our range of MaxiFlex Gloves.