Showa Gloves: Always Innovating, Never Imitating

3 July 2019

The constant innovation of this Japanese gloves company ensures Showa Gloves remain a pioneering force in global glove production. Their desire to improve alongside their tight quality control ensure that their gloves are always improving.

Showa: Always Innovating, Never Imitating

A History Of InnovATion

Since their foundation, Showa have always been at the forefront of innovation in hand protection. Showa have raised the bar for glove production throughout their past, and will continue to do so into the future; the global glove industry would not be the same today without them.

A Philosophy Of Pioneering

At their core, Showa are committed to finding new ways to allow people to interact safely with their environment. The name of the company itself translates from Japanese into a concept of enlightened harmony, and this philosophy finds its way into all Showa's protective gloves. They are all designed to supplement and improve upon your hands' natural strengths.

Unbeatable Quality

Comfort, feel and performance are woven into every Showa protective glove. Each glove undergoes a rigorous assessment of quality and faces a suite of resistance tests at the Showa labs to ensure exceptional performance and consistency is maintained throughout. Take a look at some of our top picks from their range below.

Our Top Selection

Showa 370 Assembly Grip Gloves

Showa 370 Assembly Grip Gloves

For oil resistant assembly gloves, the Showa 370 Assembly Grip Gloves are an excellent, reliable choice. By deploying a lint-resistance nylon body, they help to avoid the creation of small elements of fabric, which can wreak havoc in precise assembly lines. They also feature a loose knuckle area, so you can maintain manual dexterity while working and an abrasion resistant construction which keep hands safe from grazes.

Key Features: nitrile coating; oil resistant; lint-free nylon; loose knuckles; abrasion resistant

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Showa 451 Thermo Gloves

Showa 451 Thermo Gloves

The Showa 451 Thermo Gloves combine excellent grip and palm protection with a warm, seamless lining which keeps your hands comfortable in cold environments, while also protecting them. These naturally well ventilated gloves are machine washable at 40ºC for your convenience, and feature an ergonomic elasticated cuff. Their grey design is both practical and appealing.

Key Features: latex coating; seamless acrylic lining; alcohol and detergent resistant; tear resistant

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Showa 240 Flame and Cut Resistant Gloves

Showa 330 Re-Grip Gloves

Next on our list are the Showa 330 Re-Grip Gloves, which offer a superb level of grip which makes them the perfect choice for most kinds of handling tasks. The seamless cotton and polyester lining is perfect for the lower-risk jobs, particularly as comfort is enhanced which means that they're well suited to picking, packaging and warehousing. With extra reinforcement on the base of the thumb, you can have comfort in the longevity of these gloves.

Key Features: Latex coated for superb level of grip; extremely dexterous for handling jobs; seamless design ensures longevity.

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Showa's history of innovation has kept them at the forefront of the safety gloves industry. For our full range of Showa Gloves, take a look at our Showa Gloves category.

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