The TraffiSafe System

13 May 2015  |  Alex

TraffiGlove has a unique system of organising their cut resistant gloves to help you ensure you are always getting the level of protection that you need. The TraffiSafe system is very easy to understand and allows you to identify the level of cut resistance that your gloves have with a single glance.

The TraffiSafe system is based on traffic lights – their three glove colour corresponds to the amount of cut protection offered by the glove. Red indicates Cut Level 1 Resistance, Amber/Orange shows Cut Level 3 Resistance and Green represents Cut Level 5 Protection.

What is Cut Resistance?

In safety gloves, Cut Resistance is the level of protection that a pair of gloves offers against slashing from blades, the sharp edges of machinery, glass et cetera. Cut resistance is measured by EN 388 standard on a five point scale with 1 being the least resistant and 5 being the most.

Cut resistance is measured by taking a sample of the glove and cutting it in continuous cycles until the material has been completely severed. The amount of cycles that is required to cut the material indicates its level of cut resistance.

Cut Resistance Level Cycles Necessary for Full Laceration
Cut Level 1 1
Cut Level 2 2
Cut Level 3 5
Cut Level 4 10
Cut Level 5 20+

The Need for Protection

Between 2010 and 2011, over 3300 employees in the UK alone suffered from some sort of hand injury while at work. Although not all of these were serious injuries, they all caused time wasting and loss. When you work with your hands, even small injuries can end up preventing you from doing your job or reduce your productivity.

It is amazing the effect that proper protective equipment can have on preventing injuries — you need the right glove for the right task. TraffiGlove offers a range of different gloves for different environments across each of its cut levels, meaning you can find the perfect glove for your needs.

Red: Cut Level 1 Resistance

TraffiGlove’s Red Gloves are certified to Cut Level 1 Resistance. This means that they should not be used in hazardous areas where you are likely to come into contact with many sharp objects. Though the Red TraffiGlove gloves are not suitable for heavy duty industrial use, they do have some benefits.

Because they are using less material to protect your hands, the TraffiGlove Red Gloves allow a greater dexterity to your hands than other, higher protection level alternatives. This makes they great for use in areas where you may occasionally come into contact with sharp objects but you always need as much control of your hands as possible.

Another advantage to TraffiGlove Cut Level 1 Gloves is that they provide you with a more breathable material. This provides a greater level of comfort, especially when wearing over the course of a working day and increases the level of hygiene of the gloves.

Do I Need TraffiGlove Red?

TraffiGlove red gloves are suitable for low-risk tasks including things such as general product handling, assembly line work and other work where you are unlikely to come into contact with a sharp object.

TraffiGlove Level 1 Cut Resistant Gloves are also great for use around the home giving your hands slight protection without hampering your movements.

Amber/Orange: Cut Level 3 Resistance

TraffiGlove Cut Level 3 Resistant Gloves are the happy medium between two extremes. They offer a greater level of protection than the green gloves however they also have some of the flexibility and freedom supplied by the red.

Again, Amber/Orange Gloves should not be used if you are working in a hazardous environment (for example, if you are likely to be coming into contact with blades) but they can be used for slightly heavier use than the red level. For example, TraffiGlove Cut Level 3 Gloves are suitable for use when handing items that have sharp edges.

TraffiGlove Cut Level 3 Resistant Gloves come in a wide range of different finishes, meaning you can find one that is perfect for your environment. Within the range, there are gloves that have a resistance to water, to oil and to grease. TraffiGlove Cut Level 3 Resistant Gloves also provide a resistance against abrasion, tearing and puncturing. It is important to always check the individual product page to discover specific level of resistance offered in these fields.

Do I Need TraffiGlove Amber?

TraffiGlove Amber should not be used in environments where you will be coming into contact with very sharp objects on a daily basis. They are, however, suitable for a number of applications and industries including light construction work, mechanical and electrical work, and handling materials that have sharp edges.

Green: Cut Level 5 Resistance

Providing the highest level of protection possible, TraffiGlove Cut Level 5 Resistant Gloves are ideal for working in areas where it is likely that you will come into contact with dangerous/sharp materials.

The green colour of the TraffiSafe system reminds you that it is safe to go ahead and handle sharp objects. The gloves have been designed to protect against sharp edges and when you are wearing them you can handle glass and sharp-edged metal without having to worry about cutting yourself.

Much like TraffiGlove Amber Gloves, the Green gloves come in a wide range of styles that have been tailored for specific tasks. The variety of products is ideal for allowing you to get the gloves that you need to best do your work.

Do I Need TraffiGlove Green?

TraffiGlove Cut Level 5 Resistant Gloves are ideal for use in a wide range of hazardous jobs including any job in which you may have to handle sharp objects for example metalwork or swarf. TraffiGlove Green Gloves are also great for professions in which you never know what you might encounter, for example waste management.

Though TraffiGlove Cut Level 5 Resistant Gloves offer you the best level of protection, this protection can come at the cost of some dexterity. If it is unlikely that you are going to come into contact with sharp materials, you may be better choosing a pair of gloves from one of the other ranges.

At Safety Gloves, we stock a wide range of all TraffiGlove Gloves, allowing you to find the specific product that you need.