Bastion Gloves: Responsible Protection

12 August 2015  |  John

Bastion formed in 2010 to help bring fantastic protective and disposable gloves to the market. Since then they have rapidly expanded in operation, while still preserving their core values.

Real Core Values    

Bastion operate by a set of core values, to make sure that they are doing the best job possible and deliver the best products possible. These values include having the Resourcefulness to overcome difficulties quickly through innovation and hard work, the Integrity to be honest at all times and abide by moral principles, to help garner the Trust and Confidence of their consumers to continue to provide a high quality of service. The final principle to which they abide is Compliance with both customer needs and legal regulations.

Responsible Practice    

Bastion ensures that all of their raw materials are sourced responsibly. This includes both practicing fair trade with suppliers and ensuring that all their suppliers follow their Environmental Awareness Programme. 

They constantly monitor their suppliers to ensure that they keep to these standards, which helps keep the planet greener and cleaner.

But it doesn’t just end with suppliers. All freight logistics operations are monitored with their Enviro Programme, which means they use the carriers with the fastest transit ties and they encourage the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles, including with staff vehicles.

Full Compliance

Every product in Bastion’s range of gloves is ISO 9001 compliant and correctly bears the CE marking. Their stringent quality control systems ensures that these standards do not slip.

Top Quality Every Time

To ensure that every glove they ship is as good as the last one and the next one, Bastion employs strict and precise quality control measures. Each batch of gloves is individually numbered, so that every product can be traced. This means that if there is a fault, they know exactly which ones are affected and they can quickly determine the cause so it doesn’t happen again.

Not only do Bastion check their own products’ quality. Before each shipment goes out, an independent agent tests them, to ensure the right AQL levels, strength, thickness and colour (among other things) are present and accounted for before they are dispatched.

Everyone’s Different

While some companies will make a single set of gloves and be done with it, Bastion knows that everyone is different and everyone wants and needs different things from their gloves. For example, their nitrile disposable gloves are available in different varieties; Soft, Textured and Ultra Soft. 

This means that you can get the exact glove you need for what you’re doing.

If you are interested in getting your hands in some Bastion gloves, head on over to Safety Gloves and check out our range of Bastion Gloves.