Best Dog Walking Gloves

4 March 2021

Walking your dog is one of the simpler pleasures in life, but man's best friend waits for no one, and your pooch could soon have you walking in the worst of conditions. Don't wait for bad weather to strike - it's time to pick a pair of dog walking gloves. We work with the latest manufacturers for gloves, so we know what looks good and feels better. Whether you're a professional dog walker or a new pet owner, our top picks are sure to meet your requirements.

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Here at Safety Gloves, our mission is to deliver the best gloves for the right task. Each of our gloves has been selected according to the following specifications in order to guarantee quality and satisfaction:

  • Expert opinion
  • Customer feedback
  • Cost effectiveness

Where Do I Start?

Best Dog Walking Gloves

Best Fingerless Dog Walking gloves

Ejendals Tegera 790 Fingerless All Round Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 790 Fingerless All Round Work GlovesEditor's Review: While regular textile gloves are warm and close-fitting, the soft, comfy material is usually not the best option when it comes to tying those plastic doggy bags. Lighter in weight with a fingerless design, the Ejendals Tegera 790 All Round Work Gloves allow for an optimal level of movement without compromising on the warmth factor.

What We Like:

 Made from light textile fabric for comfort
 Fingerless for extra touch sensitivity
 Knitwrist cuffs keep your gloves secure
 Acrylic liner ensures a good level of warmth

What We Don't Like:

 Not waterproof (See our solution

Best Aggressive Dog Walking gloves

HexArmor Hercules NSR 3041 Needle Stick Resistant Gloves

HexArmor Hercules NSR 3041 Needle Stick Resistant GlovesEditor's Review: Not all dogs are friendly which means you should be prepared should the worse come to fruition. Thanks to a double layering of patented SuperFabric and protection zones across the bits that mater, the HexArmor Hercules NSR 3041 Needle Stick Resistant Gloves will rebuff the worst of dog bites and keep your hands safe from harm.

What We Like:

 Excellent level of puncture resistance
 Silicone grip for dog leads and dog handling
 Soft cotton blend interior for comfort as you walk
 Four size options for the perfect fit

What We Don't Like:

 Quite expensive (See our solution)  

Best Mitten Style Dog Walking gloves

Flexitog Blue Ridge Sherpa Fleece Thermal Mittens FG23

Flexitog Blue Ridge Sherpa Fleece Thermal Mittens FG23Editor's Review: The Flexitog Blue Ridge Sherpa Fleece Thermal Mittens FG23 offers great comfort and flexibility, while their inner fleece ensures that you stay toasty and warm. Their impressive flexibility makes them ideal for long hikes in the wild with your favourite pooch, where the warm and padded design promise to keep you comfortable throughout your walk.

What We Like:

 Padding across the back acts as a windbreak
 Fingers free for keeping a good grip on your lead
 Inner fleece insulates heat, keeping you warm
 Lycra cuffs prevent fraying ends, ensuring longevity

What We Don't Like:

 Won't protect against dog bites (See our solution

Best Professional Dog Walking gloves

Polyco Multi-Task 3 and Multi Task 5 Work Gloves

Polyco Multi-Task 3 and Multi-Task 5 Work Gloves Editor's Review: If you're a professional dog walker, it's necessary to get a good handle on multiple dogs. Designed to flex and stretch in tune with your natural hand movements, the Polyco Multi-Task 3 and Multi-Task 5 Work Gloves are designed to fit close to the skin to ensure maximum dexterity when handling multiple leashes and leads. 

What We Like:

 Available in a full finger option or three open topped fingers
 PVC reinforced fingertips and inner palm keeps your grip steady
 Velcro wrist strap ensures gloves stay secure at all times
 Anatomic fit for flexing and stretching with your natural hand movements

What We Don't Like:

 Not completely fingerless (See our solution

Best Waterproof Dog Walking gloves

Ejendals Tegera 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves 

Ejendals Tegera 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves Editor's Review: Don't walk in the cold and wet, keep your hands warm and dry with the Ejendals Tegera 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves, our top pick for best waterproof gloves. Guaranteeing protection against temperatures as low as -30°C, the Ejendals Tegera 295 make perfect companions for winter months, while their water resistant liner stops the worst of the rain from compromising your dog handling skills.

What We Like:

 Completely waterproof for full control and flexibility
 High level of warmth without thick padding
 Available in 7 sizes so anyone can find their perfect fit
 Stylish design for dog walking with your friend

What We Don't Like:

 Not grippy enough for multiple leads (See our solution

Choose A Pair of Pals For Man's Best Friend

There's nothing like some time outdoors with your favourite furry friend, but you should never let life get the drop on you or your dog. We hope our selection of dog walking gloves have helped you find the perfect pair. For more gloves, check out our Dog Walking Gloves and Animal Handling Gloves categories.

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