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12 June 2019

Based in Manchester for nearly 100 years, Blackrock Gloves have long endeavoured to produce great quality industrial safety wear. From painter's gloves to touchscreen work gloves, they maintain great value without compromising on materials or design.

Blackrock gloves

A Brush With The Past

Blackrock Gloves have a more unlikely start than most glove manufacturers. Founded as Rodo in Ashton under Lyne Manchester in 1926, the company were initially in the business of making brooms and brushes and it wasn't until the 1940s when they branched out into industrial clothing. As the 20th century progressed they branched outwards into more clothing and a global market, exporting gloves to China.

Enter Blackrock

In Rodo's nearly 100 year history, the Blackrock brand is a fairly new addition. The brand was formed in 2005 when it became clear that there was growing demand for purpose designed workwear for tradesmen. They introduced new ranges of gloves, shoes and safety wear.

The Range

Blackrock carry a broad glove range equally embedded in their history as in the future. Alongside robust and reliable grip gloves, they still sell painters gloves. Most excitingly, they manufacture several smart phone compatible work gloves.

Our Top Selection

Blackrock 84301 Lightweight PU Gripper Gloves

Blackrock 84301 Lightweight PU Gripper Gloves

These Blackrock 84301 Lightweight PU Gripper Gloves are our best selling Blackrock gloves, and it isn't surprising. Their polyurethane coating offers exceptional grip and dexterity  as well as some chemical resistance – all at great value. These are very flexible gloves, and have as much potential in electronics, component handling and assembly as they do in painting and decorating.

Key Features: polyurethane coating; lightweight design; firm grip; breathable fabric; versatile application

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Blackrock 84302 Super Grip Nitrile Gloves

If you are after reliable grip, the Blackrock 84302 Super Grip Nitrile Gloves are hard to beat in quality or value. Their nitrile coating offers both grip and protection, and allows the gloves to remain effective in wet, oily, greasy and dirty conditions. These gloves also feature very high abrasion resistance, helping to keep hands safe when carrying rough or difficult items.

Key Features: oil and grease resistant; nitrile dipped; cut and abrasion resistant; breathable fabric

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Blackrock 5401000 Painter's Lightweight Gripper Gloves


When painting and decorating, freedom in your hands is a prerequisite to high quality work, but this does not mean that grip can be sacrificed. The Blackrock 5401000 Painter's Lightweight Gripper Gloves are especially designed for use by professional painters. They offer the breathability and flexibility of a light glove, while their polyurethane coated palms and fingers offer far superior grip to other painter's gloves.

Key Features: polyurethane palms; lightweight design; breathable fabric; one universal size 

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Blackrock gloves offer excellent grip produced in the UK. If you would like to find out more, please take a look at our Blackrock Gloves category.

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