FlexiTog: Wear It. Warm.

6 June 2019

When it comes to protecting your hands when you're working in freezers, cold stores and sub-zero temperatures, you want to use gloves that you can trust. This is why we source gloves from a brand that started with one simple goal: to keep people warm. By starting with this goal, FlexiTog have developed clothing that has helped antarctic explores trek over frozen ice and outdoor workers carry frozen goods, and they even designed the suits that led the Irish Wingsuit Team to a record breaking wingsuit jump at 35,000 feet in wind chill temperatures of -107°C.

FlexiTog: A Mission to Conquer Cold
FlexiTog: A Mission to Conquer Cold

That's an impressive portfolio, and it's why we couldn't take ourselves seriously without including them in our cold-resistance, thermal, freezer and outdoor collection. All of FlexiTog's gloves have warmth in common, but they differ in terms of style, use, protection and fit. This article provides a short introduction to FlexiTog, explaining why we live by them and why you should too.

A Mission to Conquer Cold

Flexitog Worked with the British Antarctic Expedition in 2010

"We believe that everyday is a fresh adventure. Together, we embrace challenges and explore new opportunities to conquer cold." - FlexiTog

It's been a long journey for FlexiTog since they started in 1979, but those two sentences above have carried them from the start to the finish. It's a journey that has seen significant highs, including their expansion into the frozen food industry in 2004 and their role in supporting the British Antarctic Expedition in 2010. All the time FlexiTog were continuing to push boundaries, utilising Clo-I insulation to keep people warm across the world.

Chiller and Freezer Dominance

After 2010, the time came for FlexiTog to solidify their position and expand into the chiller and freezer industries. With it came gloves, hats, and jackets that all had a focus on comfort, dexterity and usability. In believing that user comfort and usability was at the heart of any worker's performance, companies began to switch to FlexiTog to protect their staff from the extreme cold.

The Sky's the Limit

In recent years FlexiTog have continued to ascend. Quite literally too, with an expansion into a high quality, cold leisure clothing followed by their collaboration with the Irish WingSuit Team in the creation of their -100°C protective bodysuits designed for use well above the clouds. Wherever FlexiTog decide to go next, you can guarantee that it will be warm and it will be comfortable, and their enthusiasm to push boundaries means that we want you to be a part of it.

How to Buy FlexiTog?

If you're convinced by FlexiTog and want to buy a pair of thermal gloves, then you're in the right place. You can either check out our FlexiTog Gloves category for a full product list, or take a look below at a few recommendations. We've tried to vary our options, but we can guarantee that all of them are ideal for adverse and extreme temperatures.

Our Choice for Light Handling Work

Our choice for light handling in cold conditions are the FlexiTog Polka Dot Handling Gloves FG55D. A best seller, these gloves utilise a polka dot coating to offer superb grip, while their thick liner can keep your hands warm when the going gets cold outside. They are designed to be pretty lightweight and thin too, which allows them to be used as a liner underneath thicker gloves if the temperature is extreme.

FlexiTog Polka Dot Handling Gloves FG55D
FlexiTog Polka Dot Handling Gloves FG55D

Our Choice for Heavy Duty Work

For heavy duty work, you will require something a little thicker to protect your hands from mechanical threats as well as the cold. We would recommend the FlexiTog Eider Leather Palm Thermal Gloves FG645 use Clio insulation to keep the hands warm, while the durable leather materials can protect your hands from mechanical threats. The extra long wrist and artery guard can protect key areas too, ensuring that these gloves are perfect for outdoor, cold and wet work.

FlexiTog Eider Leather Palm Thermal Gloves FG645
FlexiTog Eider Leather Palm Thermal Gloves FG645

Our Choice For Freezer Work

Finally, when temperatures drop below 0, you want to choose gloves that are certified, and proven to prevent tingling fingers, numbness and even frostbite. The FlexiTog Arctic Grip Industrial Freezer Gloves FG640 are certified to level 3 contact cold resistance and level 2 convection cold resistance, proving suitable for use in temperatures that are as low as -30°C. IFX technology manages to combine cold resistance with mechanical resistance, proving perfect for mechanical applications that demand extreme cold protection.

FlexiTog Arctic Grip Industrial Freezer Gloves FG640
FlexiTog Arctic Grip Industrial Freezer Gloves FG640

Put Your Trust in FlexiTog

You can trust FlexiTog because people who spend their lives pushing boundaries trust FlexiTog. Their reputation in producing clothes for the extreme cold, means that the clothes they produce for freezers, cold stores and more are high quality, reliable and comfortable. By combining these three things you can increase your productivity and well-being, helping to take the chances of injury because of the cold down to somewhere near zero.

For more information on our range of FlexiTog Gloves, you can visit our FlexiTog Gloves category. If you want to browse more thermal and cold gloves, then our range of Cold Resistant Work Gloves covers everything from thick thermal freezer gloves to thin and dexterous liners.

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