Honeywell: Quality Gloves for All Industries

19 June 2019

Drawing from over fifty years in workplace safety, Honeywell manufacture high quality safety work gloves. Most notably, their food preparation gloves include extreme cut protection – for work such as oyster shucking and butchery – and combination heat and cut resistance gloves for other specialised tasks.

Honeywell: The Power of Connected

Research Led Ethos

Honeywell believe that workplace safety is a philosophy. Their products are all designed with protecting men and women from safety risks at work in mind. Bringing together advanced technology, comfort and ergonomics, they strive to protect every individual in the workplace.

Chainmail Protection

They may look medieval, but Honeywell's Chainexpert series of gloves could not be more modern. Their stainless steel chainmail construction offers exceptional specialist protection against cutting and puncture for food preparation work which requires the use of sharp knives, such as oyster shucking and butchery.

The Range

Honeywell's chainmail gloves may be the most striking piece of safety equipment they sell, but they are not the only safety gloves they have to offer. Honeywell's range includes both highly specialised PPE products and more generalist work gloves.

Honeywell's range extends beyond chainmail. If you would like to find out more, please take a look at our Honeywell Gloves category.

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