Mechanix Wear Gloves: Advanced Protection

20 November 2017

Mechanix Wear has a long-standing reputation for creating high-quality work gloves to protect hard-working hands. Each glove in the Mechanix Wear range is engineered for maximum protection and durability, without compromising on dexterity and comfort. So, whether you’re doing home improvement or automotive repair, operating heavy machinery or working on a construction site, Mechanix Wear has an ideal glove for the task at hand. 

The Origins of the Brand

The Mechanix Wear Original, the brand’s first creation, is a durable and abrasion-resistant synthetic leather work glove originally designed for use in motor racing. However, when released in 1991, this flagship glove revolutionised the hand protection industry and 25 years later is still considered an unbeatable work glove by mechanics, construction workers, trade professionals and law enforcement officers the world over.

Industry-Leading Technology

Over the years, Mechanix Wear has kept up its commitment to protecting hardworking hands through innovation in design and expert engineering. The state-of-the-art technology used in Mechanix Wear Gloves includes:

D30 Technology

Mechanix Wear has incorporated D3O smart foam into a number of their products to maximise their resistance to impact. D3O open-cell foam is used to pad the palm of the glove and provides protection by absorbing and dispersing energy on impact, thus reducing shock, vibration and stress.

Thermoplastic Rubber

Moulded Thermoplastic Rubber is incorporated into knuckle guards and fingertips to absorb blunt force impact and protect against small cuts and abrasions, without compromising dexterity. Thermoplastic Rubber closures are also included on a number of Mechanix Wear Gloves to provide a secure but comfortable fit.

Impact Guard

The Mechanix Wear Impact Guard is a knuckle guard constructed from patented Impact EVA foam padding and is used to protect the first knuckle from impact and abrasion.


Armortex is a material that is included on the palm and in the fingertips of some of the brand’s gloves to improve gripping power in wet, oily and dry conditions.


Breathable TrekDry material ventilates the hands, keeping them cool and comfortable while you work. This makes the gloves ideal for extended use.

Mechanix Wear Warriors

All Mechanix Wear Gloves are tested to EN 388 For Protection Against Mechanical Risk, so you can rest assured that your hands have got the protection that they need. 

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