Medline: Choose to Make a Difference

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Medline Gloves are one of the biggest names in surgical gloves. Across an impressive range of surgical applications they produce world-class disposable medical gloves and are well worth the attention of anyone in need of high quality medical protective wear.

Medline: Choose to Make a Difference

A Rich History

Founded in Chicago in 1910, the early years of Medline tell an interesting story. Having been established as a garment factory making stockyard aprons, the company were soon approached by nuns from a nearby hospital to begin working on medical garments. The 20th century was a journey of continual growth, expanding to a 185 square meter warehouse and loading dock in Evanston, Illinois.

The culmination of this growth came in 2002, when Medline International was formed to support the businesses growing activity across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. But the company didn't stop expanding there, and in 2012 they formed their own fleet of delivery trucks. In the last few years they have continued to grow, building new warehouses and – most importantly – greatly expanding their surgical gloves to become one of the world's premier medical glove manufacturers.

Success Across the Industry

Medline's prominence isn't limited to medical gloves, and they hold a large market share across over a dozen medical product categories. The scope of their modern operations is truly huge with over 1,000 employees, 13 different European locations and around 667,000 boxes of clothing shipped per month.

Their Gloves

There are few competitors that can match the high quality of Medline's surgical gloves. Manufactured specifically for the medical industry, their single use gloves achieve exceptional levels of hygiene, protection and precision all optimised for a surgical environment. 

Our Top Selection

Medline Signature Latex Essential Powder-Free Surgical Gloves MSG59

Medline Signature Latex Essential Powder-Free Surgical Gloves MSG59

The Medline Signature Latex Essential Powder-Free Surgical Gloves are both Medline's standard surgical glove and our top selling Medline glove. They use an extra thin design to allow the surgeon as much tactile sensitivity as possible, while still maintaining a safe and sterile environment. They feature a tapered and beaded cuff to prevent rollback and powder-free construction for the practitioner's comfort during long procedures.

Key Features: box of 50; latex material; powder-free; thin; tapered cuff; for general surgical use

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Honeywell Sharpflex Cut Level C Heat-Resistant Handling Gloves 2232522

Medline Sensicare PI Ortho Powder-Free Surgical Gloves MSG94

For procedures where you need a thicker glove – such as trauma or orthopaedic procedures – the Medline Sensicare PI Ortho Powder-Free Surgical Gloves are an excellent choice. Their design is 40% thicker than alternatives, to provide additional protection in high-risk surgery, and their polyisoprene construction is completely latex free for patients or practitioners with allergies. Despite being latex-free their body remains soft and comfortable to wear.

Key Features: box of 50; latex-free polyisoprene material; thicker design; powder-free; ideal for orthopaedic and trauma procedures

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Medline Sensicare PI Micro Powder-Free Surgical Gloves MSG96


The Medline Sensicare PI Micro Powder-Free Surgical Gloves also make use of polyisoprene material to achieve a comparable comfort fit and feel to latex, without causing problems for practitioners or patients with allergies. These gloves are exceptionally thin (only 0.23mm) and offer an unparalleled tactile feel, while still offering a sterile environment for the patient. They are ideal for use in surgery that requires exceptionally fine dexterity and precision.

Key Features: box of 50; latex-free polyisoprene material; thinner design; powder-free; for precise surgery

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Medline Sensicare Shield Latex-Free Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves


The Medline Sensicare Shield Latex-Free Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves are designed specifically to shield hands from scattered radiation and are even suitable for procedures requiring fluoroscopy. The flexible, latex free polyisoprene material of these gloves is infused with tungsten with a black finish to help guard against radiation. Unlike lead, tungsten is not toxic and also does not have any related ecological problems, eliminating the extra costs of lead disposal.

Key Features: box of 50; polyisoprene material; tungsten infused; black finish; powder free; ideal for cardiology or radiology

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The high quality medical gloves produced by Medline don't stop here. To get an idea of the our full range, please take a look at our Medline Gloves category.

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