Our Best Ultimate Industrial Gloves

13 June 2018

Established in 1986, Ultimate Industrial quickly developed into one of the largest and most trusted wholesalers of PPE across the UK. While they have now branched out into products for your head, eye, ears and feet, Ultimate Industrial haven't wavered in the quality of the product that helped them build the reputation that they have today: gloves. Cost-effective, their gloves vary from lightweight and flexible gloves for use with knives, to heavyweight industrial gloves for use in mechanical high risk industries.

Ultimate Industrial Gloves for Every Purpose

Ultimate Industrial Have Gloves for Every Purpose

Ultimate Industrial are now a leading force across a wide range of industries, with gloves that provide dexterity, grip, high risk protection and low risk protection. Within their range are the well-known Kutlass and AceGrip ranges, and they have produced gloves that vary for use in medical applications, to use in the kitchen, to use in welding applications and to use in factories. To help you find the best Ultimate Industrial Gloves we have complied this list detailing our top recommended choices.

Kutlass Cut-Resistant Grey Gloves PU300

Kutlass Cut Resistant Grey Gloves PU300

First on our list is a pair of gloves from the Ultimate Industrial Kutlass range, which specialise in providing exceptional cut resistance at an economic price. The Kutlass Cut Resistant Grey Gloves PU300 use HPPE fibres to provide excellent level 3 cut resistance, while a lightweight polyurethane palm coating offers strong dry and wet grip, making them ideal for handling applications. There is a reason why these gloves are a top seller, and their breathable and affordable design ensures high protection, in tactile industries at an affordable price. 

Key Features: HPPE fibres offer exceptional cut resistance; polyurethane palm coating ensures protection and grip; sanitized hygiene function keeps hands cool during use.

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KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Orange Grip Gloves

KOOLGrip Hi-Vis Orange Grip Gloves

The KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Orange Grip Gloves make our list because of their incredible versatility. While their hi-vis orange design ensures that they can be used in the dark, strong all-round mechanical protection is supported by 250°C heat resistance ensuring that they are useful in industries that range from outdoor work and mechanics to glass handling and fabrication. Their thick thermal lining is ideal for cold conditions too, and a highly protective crinkle latex-coated exterior means that the gloves offer exceptional protection across the harshest of environments.

Key Features: Offers exceptional 250°C contact heat resistance; high visibility orange ideal for dimly lit environments; offers strong cut resistance.

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Adept NFT Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves

Adept NFT Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves

Featuring a nylon and lycra blend liner, the Adept NFT Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves are designed to be one of the most comfortable and supportive gloves on the market. Ideal for precision handling applications, the gloves use an NFT coating to offer unrivalled grip in dry, wet and oily conditions. High breathability and a special Sanitized hygiene function keeps hands cool during use, making them ideal for high pressure, tactile handling applications. 

Key Features: Nylon and Lycra blend liner provides comfortable and supportive fit; high abrasion resistance means gloves are durable; offer unrivalled grip in dry, wet and oily conditions.

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Acegrip EC-Grip Latex-Coated Grip Gloves

Acegrip EC-Grip Latex-Coated Grip Gloves

What stands out with the AceGrip EC-Grip Latex-Coated Grip Gloves is that they offer exceptional versatility at a highly economical price. They use a latex-coated palm to provide excellent grip, while strong all round protection means that the user can use the gloves in most medium risk situations. Their thin 10 gauge polycotton liner ensures excellent comfort, meaning that the gloves excel in general handling tasks that last for an extended period of time.

Key Features: Offer exceptional versatility; latex-coated palm ensures grip; polycotton 10 gauge liner enhances comfort during use.

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Ultimate Industrial offer gloves across a wide range of industries that protect from risks such as the cold, heat, cuts, abrasions, tears and punctures. Whatever your need, we can guarantee that Ultimate Industrial will have the glove for you. However, if you can't find the glove on the list here, don't hesitate to check out our full range of Ultimate Industrial gloves. If you have any enquiries or have something to add, leave a comment below where one of our experts will be delighted to help, or you can contact us through Facebook or Twitter