Polyco Foundry Heatbeater Gloves: What’re They Good For? Absolutely Everything!

15 December 2016  |  John

Here at Safety Gloves we’ve sold hundreds of Polyco Foundry Heatbeater Gloves to companies across the UK and Europe. Providing protection against thermal hazards up to 500°C, these are some of the best heat resistant gloves available. If you’re wondering if these gloves are a good fit for your business, take a look at some of their most popular uses:

In The Kitchen

If you're looking for serious protection in the kitchen, the Heatbeater gloves can't be beat. If you're working with seriously hot ovens, pots and pans you need gloves which can withstand these high temperatures. Numerous restaurants throughout the UK have bought these gloves to ensure cooks are safe while they whip up their next culinary masterpiece. Great as a super-protective oven glove for super-hot ovens. these gloves utilise an aluminised glass fabric cuff to keep wrists protected as well as hands - ideal if there's a risk of splashes. 

For Engineers

As well as being great in the kitchen, Heatbeater gloves are also great gloves for precision engineers. We've sold these gloves to a huge range of engineers working in a wide variety of industries, from teaching to high tech electronics and even defence. The Polyco Foundry Heatbeater Gloves can be utilised in a precision environment, providing ideal heat protection from a range of engineering hazards. Their reliable grip ensures that whatever you’re holding stays in your hand, and whatever task you’re performing stays in hand.

For Cleaning

Alongside engineering and cooking, the Heatbeater gloves are also fantastic for cleaning tasks. The Heatbeater gloves are fantastic for keeping cleaners and porters protected from any possible heat risks that can come from kitchen cleaning, including hot ovens, hobs, pans and more. On top of this, their high level of tear resistance is perfect for cleaning duties, helping to ensure that each pair Polyco Foundry Heatbeater Gloves lasts long and can be used and reused without worrying about wear and tear (literally).

For Architects

Glass manufacturing is one of the best uses of the Heatbeater gloves, so it’s no wonder that architects are getting in on the action! We've sold the Heatbeater gloves to UK architects who create their own glass for domestic and commercial buildings, and it's no surprise that they'd turn to the Polyco Foundry Heatbeater Gloves to ensure they have the protection they need. Giving the level of heat protection needed for glass manufacturer, the gloves are perfect for any business looking to ensure their workers have the protection they need when making glass.

For Artisans

On top of architects, artisan designers can also make use of the Heatbeater gloves. They're fantastic for working with blown glass, keeping hands protected from the incredibly high temperatures involved while ensuring that you can really get to grips with your latest creations. This helps you create some stunningly beautiful pieces while ensuring that your hands are protected from heat. The Kevlar felt lining gives your hands the comfort they need to help you work and rework glass as you need to.

This is just a small sample of what the Heatbeater gloves can do for you and your business. If you’re interested in learning more about the Polyco Foundry Heatbeater Gloves, head on over to SafetyGloves.co.uk or contact our customer service team on 020 7501 1104.