Readigloves: Medical Protection In The 21st Century

7 August 2015  |  John

Readigloves is Robinson Healthcare’s range of disposable medical examination gloves. They are made from the three standard materials for medical examination: latex, nitrile and vinyl. However, these are no ordinary medical examination gloves.

The Latest Formulas

Readigloves medical examination gloves are made from the most advanced materials and are manufactured with cutting-edge techniques. These techniques are developed in such a way that they deliver great performance without breaking the bank. 

These gloves offer a fantastic level of strength and durability while keeping prices at an economical level, so that as many needs can be met by as many people as possible.

A Focused Range

Readigloves products are made to be as concise a range as possible. While some glove manufactures make as many different varieties as possible, Readigloves knows that this can cause a massive headache for purchasing and stock managers, so they make sure that their gloves are as focused as possible. 

At the very least, all Readigloves products are fully compliant with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC for Minimal Risks, so you can be sure that what you’re buying is what you need and what will be delivered.


Cyraguard is the Readigloves range of latex gloves. These are the classic, conventional medical examination gloves, and come in two varieties; Essentials and Premium. The Essentials gloves offer good protection against viral and biological contamination, and their close tight fit offers good dexterity and sensitivity.

The Premium gloves offer the same as the Essentials gloves, alongside protection against some mild chemicals, making them suitable for use in ambulances and on airlines.


Vinoguard is the Readigloves range of vinyl medical examination gloves. These gloves are made from vinyl and are good alternatives to latex gloves in less taxing conditions. They come in three varieties: Essentials, Synthetic and Premium.

Essentials offer a high level of sensitivity and stretch and  are great for performing delicate procedures where you need a lot of dexterity.

The Synthetic gloves are specifically made to give a better fit than most other vinyl gloves and feature a smooth finish, making them ideal for personal hygiene tasks which require contact with a patient’s skin.

The Premium gloves have a slightly stronger construction thanks to the higher grade vinyl they’re made from, so are great for slightly more taxing tasks such as washing hair.


Nytraguard is the Readigloves range of nitrile gloves, which also make good alternatives to latex gloves and are great for more intense tasks; nitrile is a tougher material than latex. They come in four varieties; Bluple, SkyBlue, Tough and ChemoPure.

The Bluple gloves are perfect as an all-round pair of medical examination gloves, making them a great replacement for latex gloves for those with latex allergies. The SkyBlue gloves are slightly tougher than the Bluple gloves, making them perfect for handling medical equipment and instruments. They’re also unpowdered, reducing the risk of skin irritation or contamination.

The Tough gloves are even tougher still, making them ideal for heavy gauge medical setting tasks and for heavy-duty cleaning.  And the ChemoPure gloves are made with chemical protection in mind, protecting against chemical or viral penetration. This makes them perfect for use with chemotherapy drugs, which can be highly toxic.

If you are interested in getting your hands in some Readigloves, head on over to Safety Gloves and check out our range of Readigloves.