Shield: Your First Line of Defence with Work Gloves and Gauntlets

8 December 2017

Shield has been a leading force among PPE suppliers across Europe for many years, known for their affordable, high-quality safety gloves and disposable workwear. If you're unfamiliar with this versatile brand, read on to discover why, no matter the situation, Shield has a suitable hand safety solution.

The History of the Brand

Providing a wide variety of premium infection control products, Shield has become one of HPC Healthline's leading PPE brands. While HPC Healthline has recently merged with Polyco, this new enterprise - called Polyco Healthline - continues to produce the trusty Shield hand protection brand.

Shield Disposable Gloves

The Shield brand boasts a broad range of single-use gloves, including latex, nitrile, vinyl and hybrid gloves. Variants include powdered, lightly-powdered and powder-free gloves, as well as smooth and textured gloves. 

Shield GD45 Powdered Latex Disposable Gloves

These lightly powdered rubber latex examination gloves conform to the natural shape of the user's hand to provide protection and comfort without restricting movement. While approved for use in both the medical and food industries, these gloves can also be used in the home, garden, office, warehouse and, really, any other environment where low-risk, reliable hand protection is required.

Shield GD10 Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Gloves

The smooth and flexible Shield GD10s are high-quality vinyl gloves that are designed for low-risk tasks, such as home improvement, inspection, recycling, domestic cleaning and crafts. Completely free of latex and nitrile, the GD10 Gloves are a sturdy and affordable alternative for individuals with latex allergy and/or hypersensitive skin.

Shield Rubber Gloves and Gauntlets

The Shield range includes household rubber gloves, industrial-grade rubber gloves, and heavy-duty rubber gauntlets.

Shield GR01 Flocklined Household Rubber Gloves

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