Super Savings on Supertouch 8oz Cotton Drill Gloves

18 November 2015  |  Alex

The bottom line has to be the most important thing to a business and any chance to save money should be jumped on. If you find that you're paying too much for the everyday essentials, then Safety Gloves might have the answer to your problems. With our Bulk Gloves Offers you can save money on the gloves that you use most, cutting your costs.

Encompassing a range of our most popular gloves, our bulk offers provide you with the best opportunity to get the high quality gloves that you need at the best prices. Supertouch 8oz Cotton Drill Gloves are one of the most popular products that we offer and it's easy to see why. Providing you with a versatile glove that can be used for anything from warehouse work to agriculture, 8oz Drill Gloves are reliable and well suited to your general handling needs.

Why Buy Supertouch 8oz Cotton Drill Gloves?

Supertouch didn't become one of the UK's largest manufacturers of PPE gloves by creating shoddy products. When you buy a pair of Supertouch gloves, you know that they are going to live up to a certain quality. The 8oz Cotton Drill Gloves don't buck this trend, providing you with comfort and durability – the perfect multi-purpose gloves.

Protecting your hands against irritation, Cotton Drill Gloves are suitable for a wide range of low-risk applications such as general handling. Due to the inexpensive nature of these gloves, they are great for single-use – if you are working on a dirty task, simply use the gloves and then dispose of them to help ensure hygiene. Despite being suitable as disposable gloves, the quality that Cotton Drill Gloves have allow you to use them again and again without deterioration.

How Much Can You Save?

Although the inexpensive nature of Supertouch Cotton Drill Gloves makes them a great deal as is, you can save even more money if you decide to buy in bulk. We offer discounts when you buy a Half-Case (150 Pairs), Full Case (300 Pairs) or Two Full Cases (600 Pairs), each saving you more money than the last!

With a regular purchase, the gloves cost £0.40 per pair, please see below to see our fantastic money-saving offers.

  • Half-Case, 120 Pairs: £46.56 (£0.39 per pair)
  • Full Case, 240 Pairs: £91.20 (£0.38)
  • Two Full Cases, 480 Pairs: £178.56 (£0.37 per pair)

As you can see, the more you buy the more you save. Because of the general application of Cotton Drill Gloves, they are the sort of product that it is good to have in reserve for whatever tasks may arise. If your company really wants to cut costs, taking a look at our bulk ranges is one of the smartest moves you can make.