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Super Savings on Supertouch Stockinet Cotton Jersey Glove Liners

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Does your business struggle to balance the safety of its workers with the cost of protection? Providing you with unbeatable value and quality products has always been the aim of Safety Gloves and with our Supertouch Stockinet Cotton Jersey Glove Liners Bulk Pack, it is easier than ever to get both.

Allowing you to buy a Half-Case (300 Pairs), Full Case (600 Pairs) or Two Full Cases (1200 Pairs), our fantastic offer ensures that you have the gloves you need at an unbeatable price. The more you buy, the more you save – it's as simple as that!

Why Buy Supertouch Stockinet Cotton Jersey Glove Liners?

One of our most popular products, Supertouch Stockinet Cotton Jersey Glove Liners provide you with comfortable and versatile protection that is suitable for a number of different applications. Due to the light and comfortable cotton construction, these gloves can be used on their own to provide protection against irritation and dirt. On top of this, the Stockinet also function excellently as a glove liner, going underneath your existing safety gloves to provide better comfort and increased warmth.

Due to their low cost, Supertouch Stockinet Cotton Jersey Glove Liners are ideal for use as disposable gloves, allowing you to use them for any number of single purpose tasks. One of the advantages of using these gloves in such a way is that you can prevent contamination between jobs and ensure that your gloves are performing at their optimal level with every use. Despite being inexpensive enough to use as disposable gloves, when used as liners or for low intensity tasks, the gloves will retain their quality over time. This ensures that you can really get the most from them.

How Much Can You Save?

So, you can save with our bulk offer - but the real question is how much can you save? Well it all depends on how many gloves you buy – the more you purchase, the more you'll save. The price for a single pair at our normal rate is £0.31 (already a steal!) but when you buy multiple pairs, we're practically giving them away:

  • Half-Case (300 Pairs): £90.21 (£0.30 per pair and a total saving of almost £3.00 over the normal price)
  • Full Case (600 Pairs): £176.70 (£0.29 per pair and a total saving of almost £10.00 over the normal price)
  • Two Full Cases (1200 Pairs): £345.96 (£0.28 per pair and a total saving of approximately £25.00 over the normal price)

Sure, 1200 gloves may sound like a lot of gloves, but the multi-functional nature of these liners mean that they can be used in any number of situations and you'll sure to find ever-new ways to make the most of them, after all, there's no excuse for not giving your hands suitable protection. If you are part of a large company, you may find that the Stockinet Cotton Jersey Glove Liners are the perfect solution to all of your needs, without breaking the bank.