Super Savings on the Supertouch Handler Gloves

25 November 2015  |  John

One of the most important key parts of running a business is ensuring that you have the best possible equipment for whatever job you’re doing. But another important aspect is ensuring that you’re not overspending on equipment. Thanks to our Bulk Gloves Offers, we here at Safety Gloves are able to help you achieve both of these.

We’ve got our most popular gloves available to buy in bulk, with a great discount making for a fantastic deal for you and for your business. And because our bulk offers include our most popular products, it’s no surprise that the Supertouch Handler Gloves feature as a part of this saving.

Why Buy Supertouch Handler Gloves?

The Supertouch Handler Gloves are fantastic for a wide range of handling tasks, including disposal operations and baggage handling. They have a fantastic grip thanks to the latex coated palm, making lifting and carrying objects easier and quicker. The Supertouch Handler Gloves is made from a mixed fibre, helping to make the glove durable and tough.

And thanks to the different colours available, you can incorporate the Supertouch Handler Gloves into a colour-coding system for different uses.

Because the back of the Supertouch Handler Gloves isn’t coated, the glove allows hands to breath freely and easily, making them feel comfortable throughout the day. The ribbed knit wrist helps keep the glove secure on your hand without feeling constricting.

How Much Can You Save?

The Supertouch Handler Gloves are already at a great price on Safety Gloves, but with our bulk buy discount we can turn that great price into a spectacular price. You can get them in a half-case (60 pairs), a full case (120 pairs) and even in two cases (240 pairs) to match whatever your business needs. Here’s what you can save: 

Half-Case (60 pairs): £30.85 (£0.51 per pair and an overall saving of nearly £1 against our standard price)
Full Case (120 pairs): £60.42 (£0.50 per pair and an overall saving of over £3 against our standard price)
Two Cases (240 pairs): £118.30 (£0.49 per pair and an overall saving of almost £9 against our standard price)

As you can see, the more gloves you get, the more you stand to save when you order in bulk from Safety Gloves. So if your business needs to have a good supply of the Supertouch Handler Gloves don’t hesitate – get the gloves your business needs at a price your accountants will love!