Unigloves: Safety Through Quality

17 July 2019

Specialists in disposable, single-use gloves, Unigloves supply over 1.3 billion gloves annually. In this article we'll take a look at what makes them so popular.

Unigloves: Safety Through Quality

Straight To SUccess

At only 15 years old it is a wonder Unigloves have managed to achieve such a significant place in the single-use gloves market worldwide. They have invested wisely across the distribution chain, from manufacture all the way to the end user. In glove design and in business Unigloves maintain that both detail and the big picture are important, and that has allowed them to constantly pursue success.

Expert Manufacturing

Unigloves factories are located on the west coast of Malaysia and they specialise in manufacturing to the specific requirements of a range of industries across the globe. They make use of industry leading automation technology to produce high grade medical gloves both quickly and efficiently.

Leaders In Single-Use

With both specific and generalist single-use gloves in nitrile, latex and vinyl, Unigloves boast an impressive range. We've included some of our top picks below:

Our Top Selection

Unicare Blue Powder-Free Textured Nitrile Gloves GS003

Unicare Blue Powder-Free Textured Nitrile Gloves GS003

Our best selling Unigloves gloves, the Unicare Blue Powder-Free Textured Nitrile Gloves are designed to offer protection to your hands without inhibiting manual dexterity. Their powder-free design and nitrile construction help to prevent adverse or allergic reactions from occurring in even more sensitive hands. They are perfect for use in medical examination, food examination or general hygiene.

Key Features: powder-free; ambidextrous; nitrile material; textured grip surface; pack of 100 single-use gloves

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Unigloves Select Black Latex GT002 Tattoo Artist's Gloves

Unigloves Select Black Latex Tattoo Artist's Gloves

Specifically developed for the needs of tattoo artists, the Unigloves Select Black Latex Tattoo Artist's Gloves help to guard hands against ink, chemicals and blood borne pathogens. They feature a matte black finish which maintains grip and comfort, while reducing eye strain over extended use. At the same time, their high grade latex construction maintains excellent dexterity and comfort.

Key Features: reduces hand and eye strain; protects against pathogens; hand-crafted; pack of 100 single-use gloves 

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Unicare Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Gloves GS006

Unicare Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Gloves

Some of our best-reviewed Unigloves gloves, the Unicare Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Gloves are completely clear gloves, ideal for use in medical, food handling hygiene contexts. Their high quality design is accompanied by great value, and their thin PVC construction allows for fine motor control. As an ambidextrous glove, there is no need to waste time looking for the left or right hand; you can just grab a glove and go. 

Key Features: thin design for dexterity; vinyl material; powder free; non-sterile; pack of 100 single use-gloves

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Unigloves Vitality GD002 Latex Dentistry Gloves

Unigloves Vitality Latex Dentistry Gloves

Built for dentists, the Unigloves Vitality Latex Dentistry Gloves are certified for medical use and maintain exceptional dexterity and sensitivity. They are ideal for protecting practitioners against micro-organisms and liquids, and come with a special inner coating to repel odours and keep hands cool, even during extended procedures. They feature a special full palm and finger grip texture so you can rely on them even when wet.

Key Features: chemical, micro-organism, and liquid resistant; latex material; moisturising inner liner; pack of 100 single-use gloves

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Unigloves Zero Nitrile GM005 Accelerator-Free Gloves

Unigloves Zero Nitrile Accelerator-Free Gloves

Completely free from accelerators, zinc and sulphur, the Unigloves Zero Nitrile Accelerator-Free Gloves are ideal for preventing cross-contamination from occurring in doctor's surgeries or at dental practices. Free from potentially harmful chemicals, they are better for patients and the environment. They are not only comfortable, but also durable, and can withstand scrapes or knocks with tearing.

Key Features: zinc and sulphur free; hand crafted; ideal for hospitals, surgeries or dentists; pack of 100 single-use gloves

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Unigloves single-use gloves have a remarkable range of applications. For our full range, take a look at the Unigloves Gloves category.

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