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YULEYS Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Thursday, 9 November 2017

YULEYS will save your business time and money

YULEYS are safer, cheaper and more efficient than disposable overshoes


One worker uses roughly:

7 pairs a day

5 days a week

48 work weeks per year

= 1680 pairs a year

8p per pair of disposable overshoes = £134 per worker per year


  • Save 28 hours per year per worker
  • Hands-free application saves time and strain
  • Slip-reducing tread increases worker safety


A whole landfill full of used overshoes vs. one pair of YULEYS

  • To clean, simply spray and set to dry
  • Fully launderable and can be sterilised with bleach
  • Ideal for virtually any industry