Best Men's Gardening Gloves 2024

2 January 2024

Whether gardening is your profession or simply a hobby, it's important that you have the right equipment to stay safe. From preventing cuts from thorns and shears to keeping your hands as clean and dexterous as possible in cold and muddy environments, gloves are essential for ensuring comfort and protection when working on cultivating and maintaining green areas.

If you're looking for the Best Men's Gardening Gloves to keep you safe when undertaking a range of outdoor tasks, you're in the right place! With a range of quality gloves and larger sizes available, you're sure to find what you need on 

What's Included?

Best All-Round Men's Gardening Gloves

Our Choice: Briers Advanced Smart Gardening Gloves

Briers Advanced Smart Gardening gloves, black and grey glovesWhy We Love Them

• Ergonomically designed for ease-of-movement and comfort
• Reinforced palm reduces the risk of developing callouses
• Quality leather material is suitable for handling coarser materials

Ideal For

Planting, watering, and weeding plants
Raking and digging

Not the Best For

Winter gardening (see our solution)

Customer Verdict: "Bought these for cutting back thorns and pyracantha and they’re perfect. Very comfortable fit and provide first class protection." (Keith, 2021)

Best Men's Winter Gardening Gloves

Our Choice: Ejendals Tegera 293 Insulated All Round Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 293 Insulated All Round Work Gloves yellow black and white glovesWhy We Love Them

• Hi-vis design enhances user visibility
• Thinsulate lining and waterproof back keep hands warm and dry in winter
• Flexible design won't inhibit your hand's movements

Ideal For

Garden maintenance in winter
Soil preparation

Not the Best For

Working with thorny plants or hedges (see our solution)

Customer Verdict: "Purchased these as they are for cold temperatures. They are light weight snug fitting and I can operate my touch screen computer with ease." (Paul, 2019)

Best Men's Rigger Gardening Gloves

Our Choice: ClipGlove Premium Rigger Men's Breathable Reinforced Outdoor Work Gloves

ClipGlove Premium Rigger Gloves, black, yellow and beigeWhy We Love Them

• Faux suede glove material is highly durable
• Reinforced fingertips and knuckles offer enhanced protection in key areas
• Longer cuff design extends protection to the wrists

Ideal For

Greenkeeping and landscaping
Comfort during prolonged wear

Not the Best For

Use during tasks requiring good levels of precision (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: These fantastic new gloves from ClipGlove are a great choice for ensuring optimal comfort, even during prolonged wear. The carabiner clip features enables hanging from a belt-loop or bag, allowing ease-of-access and portability.

Best Eco-Friendly Gardening Gloves for Men

Our Choice: ClipGlove Bottle Plus Men's Recycled Gardening Gloves

ClipGlove Bottle Plus Recycled Gloves, yellow, brown and blackWhy We Love Them

  • Liner is constructed from 95% recycled polyester
  • Double-latex coat provides resistance to water
  • Dexterous and lightweight design allows ease-of-movement

Ideal For

✔ Weeding and sowing
✔ Light farming work

Not the Best For

Working with thorny plants or hedges (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: These quality gloves are perfect for eco-conscious gardeners! The polyester material in the liner has been made from recycled bottles for an environmentally friendly design. 

Best Heavy-Duty Gardening Gloves for Men

Our Choice: Hexarmor Thornarmor 3092 Gardening and Landscaping Gloves

Hexarmor Thornarmor 3092 Gloves, beige and blackWhy We Love Them

  • Excellent level of cut and puncture resistance for use with thorny greenery
  • Double stitching ensures a durable design
  • HexVent feature near the wrist helps to keep the hands cool

Ideal For

Handling brambles and thorns
Using equipment like using a grass strimmer or pruning shears

Not the Best For

Winter gardening tasks (see our solution)

Customer's Verdict: "These gloves really do stop the thorns penetrating into the fingers and palms. We have very vicious brambles in our garden and the gloves really did protect the hands." (Vanessa, 2022)

What Should I Look For In A Gardening Glove?

Not everyone will require the same level or type of protection when gardening. There are a wide range of gardening gloves available to cater to all needs, whether you require protection from sharp tools and thorns, or simply want to keep your hands clean and free from dirt while planting. There are, however, some key features that most gloves suitable for use in gardens should have. This includes:

1) Comfort 

Above all else, gardening gloves should be comfortable to wear. Things like planting, weeding, sowing, even trimming the grass can take some time. Choosing gloves that are comfortable, and don't limit your hand movements too much, is a great way to ensure you can garden for longer without risking developing hand fatigue or aches.

It's important to choose gloves that are flexible and fit well, but whether they are seasonally appropriate can also make a huge difference. For example, wearing thermal gloves in winter can help your hands stay warm and dexterous for longer, while wearing breathable or cooling gloves in the summer can help to reduce sweat build-up.

2) Durability

For effective protection, it's important to choose a pair of durable gardening gloves. It is generally best to choose a pair of gloves that will not easily tear or be worn down, particularly when working with things like thorns and brambles. 

3) Grip

Gloves with enhanced grip are a fantastic choice for use in the garden. Gardening often involves a lot of contact with dirt and water, both of which can inhibit the glove's grip quality if covering the surface. Gardening gloves with optimised grip are designed to help you minimise slippage and accidents even when they become wet or dirty.

If you're planning to get stuck into some gardening work, make sure you've got what you need to do it safely and comfortably. If you haven't seen your perfect pair yet, browse our full range of Men's Gardening Gloves to find even more high-quality gloves designed to keep you safe during a wide range of outdoor work tasks.

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