Dirty Rigger Gloves: Always Improving

15 July 2015  |  John

Dirty Rigger gloves were first designed to stand up to the tough conditions gloves can experience in construction and television production (for example set building and lighting rigs). Because of how varied these industries can be, Dirty Rigger gloves are manufactured with the knowledge that they could end up anywhere, doing almost anything.

Listening, Improving, Expanding

Dirty Rigger always listens to its customers about what they want and need from their gloves. By gathering all of this feedback, they can constantly update their gloves to ensure that they have the highest levels of quality. It is because of this continuous loop of feedback and development that their range expanded from construction and film/TV industries into even more professions.

Their gloves can now be seen used in the mining, production and pyrotechnics industries — some Dirty Rigger gloves are even deemed hardwearing enough for use by the emergency services.

Tested and Tested Again

By continually testing their gloves, Dirty Rigger ensures that the customer is never receiving a sub-standard product. This also means that Dirty Rigger knows when one of their products can be improved and developed further.

Their Comfort Fit Rigger Glove is now into its 4th version since launching in 2011, and in that time they’ve redesigned the wrist tab to be more durable and flexible, and upgraded the material on the palm to synthetic leather. Each of their gloves go through the same type of version changes, so that people are always buying the best possible product. Dirty Rigger isn't happy resting on their laurels and coasting along providing the same product range, their entire ethos is built around continual progression and improvement.

Not Just For Men

Rigger gloves tend to be one size fits all, which can mean that they are unsuitable for women. This is down to the oversized glove swamping the hand and causing the loss of dexterity and control that is necessary for a range of tasks. 

Dirty Rigger seeks to change this, and has developed several gloves designed exclusively to fit women’s hands. These gloves are great for lightweight and medium-weight work, and provide great protection and dexterity.

Different Styles

Many Dirty Rigger gloves comes in three varieties; fingerless, framed and full glove. 

The fingerless gloves are great when you need protection and durability on the palm but are doing incredibly precise and intricate tasks. 

Framer gloves keep the little and ring finger covered but exposes the other fingers and thumb to keep make slightly fiddly tasks, such as turning small knobs and pressing small buttons easy while still offering great protection.

And, of course, full gloves cover every finger for maximum protection. This selection of styles has been designed with the feedback from Dirty Rigger users and meets the needs that many of us have when we are using safety gloves.

If you are interested in getting your hands in some Dirty Rigger gloves, visit Safety Gloves and check out our range of Dirty Rigger Gloves.