HexArmor Chrome series – For the Toughest Jobs on Earth

21 March 2015

The HexArmor Chrome Series are arguably the toughest mechanics style glove on the market and definitely one of the most versatile, boasting high cut and abrasion resistance, impact protection and specialized palm coatings to create unique protection for wearers in a plenitude of applications in some of the most hazardous industries on the planet, including mining, oil and gas industries and steel works. No matter your specific needs in a safety glove, there’s a HexArmor Chrome Series glove for you.

Hand and finger injuries lead the industry’s recordable incidents rates every year. Data from IADC’s 2009 Incident Statistics Program (ISP) indicate that 34% of recordable incidents and 20% of lost-time incidents fall in this hand and finger category which means that now more than ever, finding the correct hand safety gloves should be of top priority.

In industries like mining, for example, hand safety is of upmost importance. For the workers there is very little room for error; miners are working in confined spaces with hazardous surroundings and low visibility. The tools used are large, heavy and more often than not, more hazardous than in any other industry. A recent survey in the U.S found that nearly 48% of miners experienced a hand injury that required medical attention over their careers.

What the Chrome Series Gloves offer at a glance

  • High dexterity – Ideal for handling materials and machinery
  • Specialized palm coatings – Each glove in the range is specialized to certain hazards and grips
  • Cut Resistance level 5 – Optimal cut resistance protection
  • Super Fabric branded material – Reinforced armour dimples make the fabric flexible yet incredibly strong
  • Impact knuckle protection – guards against knocks, scuffs and pinches to the knuckles
  • Padded palm design – reduces vibration form machinery

Who can benefit from the HexArmor Chrome Series?

In short, everyone; the Hexarmor Chrome Series Gloves are a favourite among many  industries, made with the highest quality materials, this durable range provide excellent protection. When used in mining applications, contractors have had a great deal of success with the Chrome Series range for maintenance, drilling work and servicing operations.

Ideal industries that could benefit from the protection of the Chrome Series Gloves range (please note that some specific industries may require a specific glove in the Chrome Series range):

  • Mining
  • Scaffolding
  • Paper and pulp maintenance
  • Steel maintenance and production
  • Pump maintenance – steel shim handling
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Oil rig maintenance
  • Construction
  • Waste Management
  • Warehousing, Transport and Logistics
  • Utility
  • Local Authority
  • Engineering and Manufacture
  • Glass Manufacture and Glazing
  • Machine repair
  • Cable and wire handling
  • Glass/wood/metal handling
  • And many more…


What hazards do the Chrome Series Gloves protect against?

The HexArmor Chrome Series Gloves protects against the most prevalent worksite hazards while providing comfort and dexterity to undertake tactile tasks and handle machinery and materials. I’ll use the example of mining again in this case; smash or impact injuries from falling rocks and heavy tools are an all too common occurrence in this industry, therefore the impact protection provided by the Chrome Series Safety Gloves are an ideal solution to help combat this.

Impact Protection

Each glove in the Chrome Series has specialized impact protection on the back of the hand and knuckle area to prevent injuries, scrapes and knocks from machinery, materials and tools.

EN388 Mechanical Hazard Protection

The Chrome Series Gloves range provides excellent abrasion resistance and the highest possible cut resistance thanks to the layered SuperFabric design. Most of the gloves in the series are also resistant to low level puncture hazards and tear hazards. This strong mechanical resistance makes the gloves ideal in heavy duty, mechanical repair and engineering applications.

Low Lighting

Many of the gloves in the range such as the 4027 and 4026 are made with high visibility colours and reflective tabs to aid awareness on worksites.

The Gloves We Offer

Want to take a look at the HexArmor Chrome Series we offer?

HexArmor Chrome Series 360 4025

HexArmor Chrome Series 4024

HexArmor Chrome Series 4026

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