Hexarmor Hercules 3180: Protection When Handling Snakes

1 May 2015  |  Alex

The Danger of Handling Snakes

There are few animals on earth more dangerous than snakes. They move quietly, biding their time, but when they strike, they can be absolutely deadly. There is a reason that someone who is untrustworthy or likely to do you harm is referred to as a snake. As little as seven millilitres of venom from a King Cobra is enough to kill an elephant – around the equivalent of 20 humans!

When you have to actively handle snakes on a daily basis, either as part of your work or if you own a snake yourself, it is essential that you have the right level of protection. As your hands are likely to be in close proximity to the snake during all of the time that you are handling it, choosing the correct safety gloves can be the difference between life and death.

Our Solution

The HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Gloves are an essential product for anyone who is thinking about dealing with snakes. Whether there is a risk of being poisoned or just badly bitten, it is always a good idea to keep yourself as well protected as possible. The Hercules 3180 has been tested against some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, including the aforementioned King Cobra, the Black Mamba and the Cottonmouth, and has excelled in levels of protection.

Just as in the Hercules myth, when the then infantile hero strangled two snakes that had been sent to kill him, HexArmor Hercules Venom Defender Gloves allow you to handle snakes with less fear. The gloves protect your hands, wrists and lower-arm and are designed to be thick enough not only to prevent puncture by snakes but to also alleviate the pain that can be caused by the pressure of a bite. It is important to note that the HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Snake Handling Gloves are intended to add extra protection to your dealings with snakes – good handling practices should not be ignored under any circumstance.

Advantages of the HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Gloves

The HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Snake Handling Gloves are constructed from a specially designed material for added protection. The material is comprised of three layers, each one of which is offset against the others to ensure the greatest level of safety. The gloves have been certified to EN 388 with a 4502 protection rating – this means that they are especially good at protection against cuts and abrasion. With this added protection, you can be sure that using the Venom Defender Gloves time and again will not cause problems regarding deterioration and loss of protection.

These snake bite gloves also feature a silicone gripping surface on the palms, allowing you to work with your snakes in a more secure and controlled fashion. Anyone that has spent time around animals knows that the more comfortable and confident you are with them, the more relaxed and receptive they will be. These gloves add a little peace of mind when you are dealing with potentially dangerous animals, making them more relaxed and facilitating a far more productive interaction for everyone.

Other Applications for the HexArmor Hercules 3180 Gloves

Though the HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Gloves have been designed for use with snakes specifically, they are also suitable for use with other animals. Animals such as mongooses, otters, rats, cats, dogs, cheetah and tiger cubs, and stingrays can all be handled with a greater level of protection when you are using the HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Gloves.

HexArmor Hercules Gloves are recognised by BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and are used by a number of well known institutions. The list of zoos that use these gloves is long and includes such venerable establishments as London Zoo, Chester Zoo, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and at 48 Sealife centres around the globe. The reason that the HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Gloves are so commonly used is simple: they work.

Snake Bite Protection

The HexArmor Hercules 3180 Venom Defender Animal Handling gloves have been strictly tested for use with a number of different dangerous snakes:

If you own a snake that is not on the list, this does not necessarily mean that these gloves are unsuitable for use in handling. Please always check with a professional if you have any queries or questions regarding suitability.

More Information About Our Snake Bite Gloves

The HexArmor Hercules 3180 Gloves have been in circulation for some time and have been used by people all over the world for snake handling. For testimonies to their effectiveness and protective quality, please click here.

A selection of videos are available showing the Venom Defender Gloves in use with a range of different snakes. These videos are amazing proof of how good the Venom Defender really is – when you seen a man being bitten repeatedly by a venomous snake looking unphased, you’ll realise the quality and necessity of these gloves.