How to Find Your Perfect Gardening Glove

25 April 2019

Buying gardening gloves isn't as simple as some people think, as different risks pose different challenges for your hands. Thorns demand puncture resistance, sharp twigs demand tear resistance, and extreme weather means that thermal and thick gloves might prove the best option. Understanding what risks lie ahead is the key to safe and enjoyable gardening, which is why we've created this explanatory guide.

Here at we have hundreds of gardening gloves sourced from some of the world's best glove manufacturers. Provided in all shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to know exactly where you stand, so we've decided to help you find the gloves that you are looking for. If you want some gloves for pruning roses, or gloves for trimming your hedge, read on.

How to Choose the Gardening Gloves for You?

Choosing the right glove depends entirely on what you want from your gloves. To help narrow this down we've split this down into easy to read sections, so if you know what your after see the image that suits you and click. The sections include: thorns and sharp shrubbery protection, general gardening use, glove style and finally more specific heavy duty tasks.

Gardening Gloves for Thorns and Sharp Shrubbery Protection

If you want to protect your hands against thorns and other sharp material, then we would recommend you opt for a glove that has a high level of puncture and cut resistance. This ensures that you can handle things like brambles and prune roses without your hands becoming damaged. We would recommend the more expensive and heavy duty HexArmor ThornArmor 3092 Gardening and Landscaping Gloves.

Both of these gloves are well suited to handling sharp things such as thorns, however the more resilient HexArmor Gloves are the ones best suited to tough all day use. To browse our full categories for thorn and sharp shrubbery protection, you can click the below links.

Click Here for Bramble Gloves Click Here for Rose Pruning Gloves Click Here for Thorn Proof Gloves
Click Here for Bramble Gloves Click Here for Rose Pruning Gloves Click Here for Thorn Proof Gloves

Gardening Gloves for General use

If you just want to get out in the garden and get to work, then these are the gloves for you. Dexterous, protective, and grippy, these gloves are perfect for pulling up weeds and planting bulbs. One of our most popular general gardening gloves is the Supertouch Handler Gloves 6203/6204.

Lightweight, dexterous and mechanically strong, these gloves are perfect for pulling at tough roots and keeping your hands clean and cool. To browse our selection of general gardening gloves, weeding gloves and planting gloves, see the below categories.

Click Here for All Our Gardening Gloves Click Here for Weeding Gloves Click Here for Planting Gloves
Click Here for Gardening Gloves Click Here for Weeding Gloves Click Here for Planting Gloves

Gardening Gloves by Style

We have a wide selection of gloves that are designed for use by children, ladies and men. So if you want to choose gloves that come in a certain style, size and colour, then we have got you covered. See below to find the gloves that are designed specifically for you.

Click Here for Ladies Gardening Gloves Click Here for Men's Gardening Gloves Click Here for Children's Gardening Gloves
Click Here for Ladies Gloves Click Here for Men's Gloves Click Here for Children's Gloves

Gardening Gloves for Heavy Duty Tasks

Gardening isn't just planting small quaint flowers and pulling up weeds. Sometimes it can demand tough gloves that offer more protection against extremely sharp thorns and protection against the machinery that you are using. Filled with heavy duty rigger gloves such as the Portwest Canadian Leather Rigger Gloves A210 and leather goatskin gloves such as the Cutter CW900 Goatskin Leather Unisex Premium Garden Work Gloves, these are the gloves that protect against chainsaws, strimmers and more.

Thicker gloves are ideal for those who expect to partake in tougher and more strenuous tasks. To find our full range of heavy duty gloves for those heavy duty tasks you can click the links below.

Click Here for Heavy Duty Gloves Click Here for Hedge Laying Gloves Click Here for Strimmer Gloves
Click Here for Heavy Duty Gloves Click Here for Hedge Laying Gloves Click Here for Strimmer Gloves

Be Prepared for Summer

So there we have it, our range of gardening gloves. To view our range in more detail, and to find gloves for more specific tasks that might be ideal for you, you can browse our All Gardening Gloves category. Alternatively, you can call our customer care team on 020 7501 1104 for more information on our gardening gloves.

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