Best Roofing Gloves 2024

15 June 2023

Roofing demands a whole range of things from your hands as it involves a blend of hard manual labour and tricky, dexterous fitting and assembly. Whether you're responsible for loading the roof with tiles or insulation, or you're above ground laying timber, fitting tiles or tacking down cladding, we've got gloves that make your job a whole lot easier.

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Best Thermal Waterproof Roofing Gloves

Winner: Skytec Argon Waterproof Safety Gloves

Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves

Whilst extensions and skeleton jobs may be rained off when the heavens open, that doesn't mean work stops. If you're strapping down in the middle of a storm, Skytec Argon Waterproof Safety Gloves ensure your hands stay warm and dry. They're also our number one pick for all the routine tasks that come with being a roofer, like pressure washing and garden clearance – especially on colder days.

What We Love:

  • Waterproof membrane keeps your hands dry when the heavens open
  • A great choice for winter work thanks to thermal lining
  • Allows you to handle damp slate and tile with ease
  • Guarantee summer quality work when things get cold and wet in the winter

Editor's Verdict: Roofing is a lot easier on nice days, but when winter arrives, make sure you're ready. Skytec Argon Gloves feature a thermal waterproofing membrane that's essential for preventing your hands going numb and clamming up when temperatures drop.

Customer's Verdict: "Great for roofing work and landscape gardening. Keeps most of the rain out and are very warm" - Paul ★★★★★

Best Framing Gloves for Roofing

Winner: Ergodyne ProFlex 720 Heavy-Duty Framing Gloves

Ergodyne ProFlex 720 Heavy-Duty Framing Gloves

Framing gloves expose the thumb, index and ring fingers for maximum dexterity when working with tools and equipment that demand a natural touch. Ergodyne ProFlex 720 Heavy-Duty Framing Gloves are our favourites because of their Tena-Grip palm reinforcement and their use of an ultra-flexible hex-stretch wrist section.

What We Love:

  • Easily tack down and interact with nuts, bolts, screws, hammers and saws
  • "Hex-Stretch" fabric bends and flexes with the hand
  • Neoprene knuckle pad promotes great grip strength
  • Essential option for roofers, carpenters, woodworkers and mechanics

Editor's Verdict:

A good pair of framing gloves are essential for woodworking. The amount of dexterity it demands is simply not achievable with a normal safety gloves. Ergodyne 720 Framing Gloves expose your thumb and fingers to maximise dexterity, accuracy and precision.

Best Thermal Gloves for Roofing

Winner: Ejendals 295 Thermal Work Gloves

Ejendals 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Safety Gloves

Similar to the Skytec Argons above, Ejendals 295 Thermal Work Gloves are great for getting the job done in winter. They're slightly thicker, making them great for timber work. If you're responsible for loading up ply, planed timber, two by fours or MDF in winter, Ejendals 295 Gloves provide just the right amount of protection without weighing your hands down.

What We Love:

  • Thick design is great for handling timber
  • Great for loading up the job in winter
  • Thermal lining keeps hands warm and dry
  • Thinsulate lining is lightweight, meaning you maintain dexterity

Editor's Verdict: Ejendals 295s are our most popular winter gloves for a reason. Their thick design and great protection translate well to manual handling, making them a great pick for manual tasks like unloading the van during winter.

Customer's Verdict: "Very happy with these gloves I’m a cladder/roofer and these are fantastic for keeping my hands warm and handling things on the job" - Zenas ★★★★★

Best Cut-Resistant Roofing Gloves

Winner: HexArmor Rig Lizard Thin Lizzie Cut-Resistant Wet Grip Gloves 2090X

HexArmor Rig Lizard Thin Lizzie Cut-Resistant Wet Grip Gloves 2090X

Roofing means cutting timber down to size, tacking down cladding, felting, cutting timber down to size and using seriously hazardous machinery to plane and resize wood. HexArmor Rig Lizard Thin Lizzie Cut-Resistant Wet Grip Gloves 2090X boast level E cut-resistance and are accredited as impact resistant, demonstrating their durability in the face of blades, cuts, incisions, lacerations and slicing.

What We Love:

  • Level E cut-resistance rating guards against cuts and lacerations
  • Essential protection for planing timber down to size
  • IR-X Impact Exoskeleton guards against serious impact at back of the hand
  • Handle Stanley knives, box cutters and blades

Editor's Verdict: Roofing involves a lot of work with knives, blades, hammers and nail guns. HexArmor Rig Lizard 2090X Gloves are packed with all the necessary cut, impact, abrasion and tear resistance to put your mind at ease when working with dangerous material and equipment.

Best Manual Handling Gloves for Roofing 

Winner: TraffiGlove TG5010 Classic Cut Level D Grip Gloves

TraffiGlove TG5010 Classic Cut Level D Grip Gloves

Roof installation, repair and maintenance all involve handling large quantities of timber, slate, tiles and insulation. If you're looking for a pair of lightweight, protective gloves to shield your hands when you're loading up for the day, there's no better choice than TraffiGlove TG5010 Classic Cut Level D Grip Gloves.

What We Love:

  • Lightweight construction makes laying down tiles and timber a breeze
  • Thin fingertips allow you to interact with nuts, bolts and screws
  • Great for commercial, residential and slate and tile labourers
  • Dually great for routine maintenance like gutter clearance and debris removal

Editor's Verdict: Level D cut-resistance makes these gloves great for throwing on when you're loading up and packing down. They will protect your hands against cuts, abrasions, scuffs and scratches and their lightweight construction makes them just as good for more intricate work.

Customer's Verdict: "I use very sharp hand tools and was forever cutting fingers when adjusting blades or simply retrieving them from the rack. I seldom cut myself in use though. These gloves have cured all that and the retained dexterity means I can continue woodworking with confidence" - Chris ★★★★★

Best Heat-Resistant Roofing Gloves

Winner: Polyco 891 Granite 5 Beta Leather Flame and Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

Polyco 891 Granite 5 Beta Leather Flame and Cut Resistant Safety GlovesRoofing is a diverse game. Polyco 891 Granite 5 Beta Leather Flame and Cut Resistant Safety Gloves are an essential option to have in your tool bag for when the welding kits and heat guns come out. 

What We Love:

  • Level D cut-resistance is great for using blades, knives and tools
  • 250°C heat resistance and burn-resistant fabric
  • Essential for roofers using heat/glue guns and welding kits

Editor's Verdict: If you regularly use a heat gun to mould large amounts of plastic sheeting, Polyco 891 Heat Resistant Gloves ensure you're safe from burns, scolding and accidental contact with seriously hot material.

Customer's Verdict: "Great protective glove for use with cutting tools. Thick, bit soft and sufficiently flexible to safely manipulate hot, sharp off-cuts etc. Highly recommended" - Jonathan ★★★★★

Best Anti-Impact Gloves for Roofing

Winner: Portwest A727 DX VHR Orange Impact Gloves Impact Gloves

Portwest A727 DX VHR Orange Impact Gloves

If you work on the manual labour side of things and are concerned about dropped timber and equipment causing serious harm to your hands, a good quality pair of anti-impact gloves are a must. Portwest A727 DX VHR Orange Impact Gloves Impact Gloves use a thermoplastic rubber exoskeleton to absorb the force a dropped piece of timber or hammer can generate.

What We Love:

  • TPR exoskeleton stops hammers, wrenches and timber breaking your hands
  • Maximum abrasion and tear resistance is dually great for manual handling
  • Level E cut-resistance makes blade handling a breeze
  • Peace of mind when hammering and tacking down

Editor's Verdict: The heavy-duty equipment roofers use can shatter and break your hands if accidental contact with the back of your hand is made. Portwest use an innovative thermoplastic rubber exoskeleton to absorb shock in the event of an accident, making them a must if you've suffered a serious injury before.

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