Bodyguards Gloves: Disposable Gloves for Multiple Uses

15 July 2015

No, we didn’t know body guards wore gloves either, but it turns out Bodyguards gloves are actually far more complex than the soppy cinema of the early 90s (though just as powerful as Ms. Houston’s voice).

Guard Your Body

Rather than be the hand-wear of those keeping the rich and famous safe, Bodyguards Gloves are actually far more literal. They guard your body from sensitive tasks and unpleasant substances, or protect sensitive things from your hands. Many disposable gloves you often see worn by doctors, vets, beauticians and caretakers will be from the Bodyguards range, and we’re sure you’ll agree that they do a good job.

Safety First

Probably the biggest advantage of Bodyguards gloves is that they can offer a high level of protection against substances and surfaces – or for food preparation and medical care – while being quickly and easily disposed of.  This, along with their second-skin fit means that you can be assured of your safety without feeling like you are wearing gloves at all.

Available in a range of thin, flexible, anti-puncture plastics, those with an aversion to latex can instead select nitrile or a latex-free blend perfect for combating glove allergies. Rolled cuffs on the glove also prevents liquid from rolling back onto your skin, and a high level of grip means water and other fluids won’t hinder your dexterity.

To Powder or Not to Powder?

Bodyguard gloves can be bought powdered or power-free, this is to help in the putting on of each individual glove. As it is thought that the addition of powder in surgical gloves may impede the healing time of wounds, powder-free gloves are recommended for those intending to use them to administer medical care.

All of Safety Gloves Bodyguards gloves comply to the European Standard, making them suitable for industries including food preparation, medical care or chemical handling.

We’ve Got Gloves For Days

All our Bodyguards gloves are sold in industry-friendly quantities meaning you don’t have to worry about being caught short, and, respective to each item, are ideal for the following applications:

  • Food preparation and manufacture
  • Janitorial duties
  • Hair and beauty
  • First Aid
  • Painting and decorating
  • Local authorities
  • Medical care
  • Chemical Preparation
  • Engineering
  • Waste Management

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