How To Spring Clean Your Pond With Briers Pond And Drain Gloves

11 June 2015

A murky pond can affect the aesthetic of your water features or water fountains and can cause issues with the health of your pond plants and fish. Murky water with lots of debris present in your pond can indicate it is in dire need of a clean out! You'll need the right cleaning equipment and the right pond glove for the job too. 

Do you have clear pond water, but lots of debris? 

Small scale pond clean-outs often just require a net to capture and stir up muck from the bottom of the pond. Be careful not to disturb any fish while you are clearing out fallen leaves and other debris. We have collected our tips on how to do a full spring clean of your pond below. Before you begin you will need to disconnect any plumbing connected to your pond. Read on for further information. 

Protect your hands with Briers Pond and Drain Gloves 

Before you start, make sure you have gardening gloves suitable for the task. Safety Gloves recommend the popular Briers Pond and Drain Gloves. Briers are a leading gardening glove supplier in the UK and as an avid gardener; it would not be a surprise to us if you have a Briers Gardening Glove in your collection already. But for those looking for full arm protection pond and drain cleaning tasks demand, the Briers Pond and Drain Gloves are absolutely perfect. The elasticised cuff keeps water out of the gloves while you work. Gardeners can also use these pond gloves when working in the garden when it is raining (ideal gardening glove for the UK) or even while watering the garden. 

Drain the Pond

Catch the fish in your pond when it is not yet entirely drained. It is important to use the pond water to fill up the holding containers for your fish to ensure they are not shocked with an entirely different temperature of water. We also advise you cover the holding container you put your fish in while you drain the pond, otherwise they may jump out.

trim surrounding plants

Having a drained pond presents the perfect opportunity to clean up and trim surrounding plants, trees or shrubs which surround the pond. Dropped leaves and twigs can create muck at the bottom of your pond, so trimming these back and clearing any surrounding plant litter can help to keep the water in your pond nice and clear. 

Wash your pond out 

Your pond will not fare well to the use of soaps or detergents. To clean, simply use a pressure nozzle and clean out the pond with water only. Do not scrub algae off rocks and the bottom of your pond, as this can upset the delicate biological balance. Cleaning the pond will already wash away beneficial bacterial colonies, but using soap and detergent will completely disrupt and kill any beneficial ecosystems which are integral to the health of the water, plants and fish in your pond. So remember: clean your pond with water only!

clean your pond filters

Following your manufacturer guidelines for the cleaning of your pond filter, remove all lingering debris of sludge from the skimmer. Most pond filters can be cleaned by pumping water out while hosing it until the water runs clear. 

You can clean out the bags of the biological filter media you are using, but ensure to keep some of the biological media (many gardening experts advise around half) because replacing all of this at one time will destroy the delicate pond ecosystems which exist. 

Long waterproof gloves are ideal for tasks of this nature. Wearing your Briers Pond and Drain Waterproof Gloves protect your hands from sludge and rotting leaves. The unique construction of the Briers Pond Gloves helps to stop water and dirt getting inside as you clean your pond out. The longer arm length of the Briers Pond and Drain Glove is ideal for pond cleaning and is extremely comfortable to wear with a good fit. 

Next step: refill your pond 

Once the cleaning is complete, you can now reassemble the plumbing and filters and begin to re-fill your pond with the amount of water it requires. Before you add your fish back into the pond, it is advised to de-chlorinate the water and follow the acclimatisation of that particular species of fish before reintroducing them into their new, clean pond environment. You can add beneficial bacteria to your freshly filled pond too. 

Turn your water features back on & enjoy! 

Running water not only looks nice, it has been shown to have therapeutic and relaxing benefits too. Your pond is clean now, which means you can sit back and relax in your garden chair. The warmer months sitting by a clean, clear pond makes for truly botanical bliss! With your Briers Pond and Drain Gloves, you can now have a more pleasant cleaning experience, and not have to dread next years pond spring clean.