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Our Best Food Safe Nitrile Gloves 2024

1 Comment2 January 2024

Disposable nitrile gloves are a fantastic choice for the food industry. Strong, skin friendly and single use, you can safely use nitrile gloves while handling food for customers, manufacturing food in a processing plant or even for preparing food in a restaurant or cafe. One of the few things that you need to watch out for when buying your disposable gloves as whether they have been certified for use with food, something identifiable through the EN standard EN 1186.

Nitrile gloves are highly popular in the food industry
Nitrile gloves are highly popular in the food industry

 Another thing you need to watch our for when buying your nitrile gloves for food is making sure you buy the right gloves. Some nitrile gloves have a focus on strength, others on skin health and others are more affordable if you're watching your bank balance, though these tend to tear a little easier. Weighing up all of these different factors, this guide lets you explore Our Best Nitrile Gloves for Food Use, hopefully giving you the chance to find the perfect disposable gloves for you.

Why Use Nitrile Gloves for Food Use

Nitrile as a glove material is becoming more and more common within all industries, in particular within the health, mechanics and food sectors. Nitrile is a type of synthetic rubber, which because it is synthetic, tends to offer more durability, strength and is more skin-friendly than other disposable materials such as latex, vinyl and PVC. If you want to explore why nitrile is best suited to you, head on over to our Disposable Materials Glove Guide where you can find all the benefits and more.

Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Black Nitrile Gloves

Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Black Nitrile Gloves 

The Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Black Nitrile Gloves are some of our most popular disposable gloves for a range of industries, with a skin-friendly, extra strong build that makes them particularly well suited to handling food. Extra-strong to prevent ripping during kitchen tasks, these powder-free gloves reduce irritation on your hands, during extended periods of wear. As with all of our food-safe gloves, the Aurelia Bold are certified to EN 1186, meaning that they will prevent contamination during food use.

Key Points: High tensile strength for extended use; grippy for preparing food; certified for use with chemicals for food processing and cleaning.

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Unigloves Select Black Nitrile GT003 Tattoo Artist's Gloves

Unigloves Select Black Nitrile GT003 Tattoo Artist's Gloves

Slick, grippy and superb for contamination prevention, the Unigloves Select Black Nitrile GT003 Tattoo Artists Gloves are certified for preventing blood borne pathogens from passing through their material. This means that they are perfect for preventing the contamination of food, a fantastic barrier between harmful substances, your skin and the product. As well as this, these gloves are supplied in a stylish matte black, ideal for looking the part while handling meat on food stalls and more.

Key Points: Certified to prevent blood borne pathogens from contaminating food; supplied in a stylish matte black for trendy look; offer superb strength and flexibility.

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HandSafe GN99 Nitrile Powder-Free Food and Examination Gloves

Handsafe GN99 Food and Examination Gloves

If you're looking for a tough pair of gloves that are perfect for just about any job in the kitchen, look no further than the Handsafe GN99 Food and Examination Gloves. Combining food-safe and disposable materials, these gloves are ideal for most tasks, whether you're preparing food, washing up or even handling money at the front of the house. Comfortable, tactile and durable, these gloves are some of the most reliable disposables out there.

Key Points: Tough and durable to stand up to any task; great sensitivity for fine tasks; chemical resistant for washing up 

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 Grippaz Blue Semi-Disposable Nitrile Food Safety Gloves (24 Pairs)

Grippaz Blue Semi-Disposable Nitrile Food Safe Gloves

Some jobs within the food industry require a cut-resistant glove, such as filleting fish and cutting meat. If you work in those industries, you can wear a pair of the Grippaz Blue Semi-Disposable Nitrile Food Safety Gloves over the top of your usual cut-resistant gloves, where they will protect your reusable gloves, offer grip for handling knives and food and provide grease and oil resistance if you're working with kitchen oil. Furthermore, these gloves are powder-free for skin health, while their resistance to animal fats, oils and micro-organisms reduces the chances of contamination during use.

Key Points: Suitable for wearing over the top of cut-resistant gloves; resistant to oils, fats and grease; fish-scale grip for superb hold of food and knives.

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Supertouch Powderfree Nitrile Gloves

Supertouch Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves 1261/1269/1267

The Supertouch Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves are what you see is what you get; medical grade, powder-free, textured and food safe, perfect for low risk tasks within the food industry. If you want to prepare food for customers, reduce contamination while making food, handle food and more, these simple gloves will do the trick. Their micro-texture will offer an excellent level of grip. while the simple, flexible nature ensures ease of use during fast paced tasks.

Key Points: Simple, easy to use food use gloves; reduces contamination during use; micro textured for offering further grip.

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Choose the Right Food Safe Gloves

We hope that this guide has given you a better idea of the kind of food safe nitrile gloves that might be ideal for you. If you want to view our full range, please check out our Nitrile Food Use Gloves category.

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