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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Regular use of heavy machinery like pneumatic drills, concrete breakers and other powertools can force a lot of vibration through your hands and arms, which can lead to a range of harmful side effects. Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome, or HAVS, is common among construction and forestry workers, but luckily with the right hand protection, this can be avoided. With so many anti-vibration gloves on the market, though, how are you to choose the right one for you, and which gloves are ideal for your applications?

Anti-vibration gloves to protect against HAVS
The right gloves can protect your hands from vibration and reduce the effects of fatigue

At, we're here to help, and we've had our glove experts put together a list of the Top 5 Anti-Vibration Gloves. These gloves are each designed to be suitable for a number of different jobs, with different kinds of protection to suit all sorts of tasks. Read on, and we're sure the perfect glove for you will be here for the taking.

Ejendals Tegera 9180 Anti-Vibration Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 9180 Anti-Vibration Work Gloves

When it comes to anti-vibration gloves, there's only one place to start: the Ejendals Tegera 9180 Anti-Vibration Work Gloves. Selected as the top pick by our glove experts, these gloves are made with an advanced Vibrothan fibre, which has been specially developed to absorb vibration before it reaches your hands and arms. They are ergonomically designed with curved fingers and thumbs, and feature padded palms to provide enough comfort for all-day wear.

Key Features: Our top choice in anti-vibration gloves; reinforced seams with ergonomic fingers for extra comfort.

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Vibration Foam Latex Coated Gloves VBX

Vibration Foam Latex Coated Gloves VBX

When dealing with heavy power tools, it's essential that you have a strong enough grip to avoid losing control of your tool. The Vibration Foam Latex Coated Gloves VBX are designed to reduce the transfer of high-frequency vibrations, and feature a soft padded face to provide a secure grip. Made with close-fitted knitting on the back of the hand, these gloves provide a high level of breathability to help prevent your hands from overheating throughout your task.

Key Features: Padded palms with a strong, secure grip; abrasion resistant to protect hands and increase longevity.

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Portwest Anti-Vibration Black Gloves A790

Portwest Anti-Vibration Black Gloves A790

Designed specifically for use with jackhammers and concrete breakers, the Portwest Anti-Vibration Black Gloves A790 are an excellent choice for an all-round anti-vibration and work glove. These gloves feature Level 3 cut resistance and Level 4 tear resistance, providing you with plenty of mechanical resistance to provide peace of mind during all sorts of tasks. With a special rigged palm and finger construction, these gloves provide a combination of protection, dexterity and comfort that makes them ideal for extended tactile work.

Key Features: Provide protection and support to the wrist; padded and reinforced for safety during tough tasks.

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Polyco Tremor-Low Anti-Vibration Gloves 8762

Polyco Tremor-Low Anti-Vibration Gloves 8762

Durability is a key factor when it comes to choosing the right work gloves, which is where the Polyco Temor-Low Anti-Vibration Gloves really shine. These gloves are made with a unique design, as they feature a foamed neoprene coating that covers the palms and fingertips. This coating absorbs vibration before it reaches your hands, and also provides good cut, tear and abrasion resistance for both protection and longevity

Key Features: Made with a ridged foamed neoprene coating on the palms and fingers; good cut, tear and abrasion resistance.

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SIP Protection Foam-Padded Anti-Vibration Forestry Gloves 2SA3

SIP Protection Anti-Vibration Forestry Gloves 2SA3

Forestry and agricultural work often come with their own set of hazards, as the vibration from power tools is coupled with changing weather conditions to provide further danger. The SIP Protection Anti-Vibration Forestry Gloves 2SA3 are designed to provide vibration protection when operating machinery such as headgecutters and strimmers, and are oil and water repellent to deal with the changing weather. Made with hide leather reinforced by Kevlar stitching, these gloves are durable enough to handle whatever mother nature throws at you.

Key Features: Combine vibration protection with oil and water repellence; lined with high density foam for comfort and durability.

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Which Anti-Vibration Gloves are Best for You?

While these are our picks of the best 5 anti-vibration gloves, we stock a wide range of options that may be designed for your specific application. If you haven't quite found the perfect glove for you in our list, you can view our entire selection of Anti-Vibration Gloves

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